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Molton Brown (US)
Charles Baudelaire: 
Poet of the Perfumed Word

A Literary Work on Baudelaire and Perfume
My soul floats on...perfume as the souls of other men...float on music.   - Baudelaire

By Marlene Goldsmith
How can a poem be fragrant and a perfume speak poetically? Charles Baudelaire gave olfaction a unique place in his writings and elevated it to a stature never before seen in the history of poetry. Dubbed “un...gourmet d’odeurs” (a gourmet of odors), for him perfume was timeless and much adored... 

Journey to the Heart of Fragrance

By Neil T. Sternberg
The Perfume Magazine welcomes tour de force journalist, Neil Sternberg, with this amazing, one-of-a-kind journey into the world of the famous International Flavors and Fragrances. Join us as as we travel with him into the heart of fragrance in this fascinating, in-depth account of the offices and labs of the perfume industry. A must read for all lovers of perfume. -Editor

As you walk along the wall – step after step after step after step – viewing the fullness of fragrance history – you realize that IFF hasn’t just been a witness to fragrance history – it created a huge chunk of it. The display in the back section of the lobby is, however, the best.   All of the famous fragrances, in their real bottles...  

Whiffs of Scent Memory
By Suzie Parker Devoe

The Perfume Magazine welcomes our new contributor, Suzie devoe as she recounts her scent memories for us.

A good friend of mine and I woke up at five in the morning, loaded our bikes on the back of my SUV and drove all the way from New York City to Savannah Georgia in one day.  By nine p.m. that evening we were eating shrimp and grits and toasting our road trip success with a martini... 

                       Read Full Article Here
On Making Sense out of Scents

by Elena Vosnaki
Top notes of honey flower and solar musk. Heart notes of Osmanthus and Amberlyn. Base notes of tactile woods and vetiver.  Does this random perfume notes list, replete with sensuous innuendo, make absolutely no sense to you? It might be unicorn tears and rainbow ends for all you know! Likewise, in front of an aromatic stanza, we're often at a loss to accurately describe what we smell to another. 
Apparently, dear reader, you're not alone; the confounded crowd includes tons of perfume lovers who struggle through perfume descriptions on a regular basis.
 It's hard to make sense out of scents...
Four Scents For 
The Australian Summer

By Clayton Ilolahia
The Perfume Magazine welcomes our new Australian Correspondent, Clayton Ilolahia as he gives us a sneak peek into fragrances "Down Under". 
Thanks to the planetary tilt, December marks the beginning of our summer. Here in Sydney, the sensory journey December provides by way of sights, smells and tastes is very different from the white Christmas experienced in the world’s great cities of the north such as New York, London or Paris... 

Pearls, Perfumes & Passions; Naughty Secrets 

From The Women Who 
Paved My Way....

By Beth Schreibman Gehring
The Pictures have arrived!!!

Hundreds of bottles, glittering crystal, incredible displays - our readers are serious collectors!

View the entry highlights as well as the winning entry here.
Sponsored by Beautyhabit.com
We are pleased to publish the winning entry from our Holiday Writing Contest. We received an overwhelming response and it was difficult to choose. We hope you enjoy this heartwarming holiday scent story.
I'll Be Home For Christmas
by Ursula D'Aria
by Mark David Boberick
2011 was a very busy year for the Perfume World - a record-breaking number of new releases, celebrity fragrances being released en masse, a booming niche fragrance market - will 2012 be able to top it?

Managing Editor Mark David Boberick takes a look backwards and forwards in his latest article for The Perfume Magazine.
An Evening of
Playful Decadence

Perfume and Chocolate Pairings 
Ormonde Jayne
Charbonnel et Walker
By Deirdre McLaughlin
In her debut piece for The Perfume Magazine, London Correspondent Deirdre McLaughlin offers us a glimpse into an evening of a luxurious sensorial experience offered by two of London's most prestigious institutions - one a classic chocolatier, and the other - a modern perfumery.

Read Full Article Here

Sponsored by Luckyscent.com
  The WINTER Issue: Part One 
In just a few short days, the niche and luxury fragrance world will once again converge on New York City for the third exciting installment of Elements Showcase.

As the final preparations are under way for the event, The Perfume Magazine spoke with the Elements team of Organizers: ULRICH LANG, FREDERICK BOUCHARDY, and JEFFREY LAWSON
An Interview with the Organizers of Elements Showcase
The Fragrance Foundation announces 
the TOP-5 Finalists for the Indie FiFi Award
The Fragrance Foundation is very pleased and excited to name the top five finalists who have made it through the judging for the 2012 FiFi “Indie” Award with the winner to be revealed on January 30th at the Elements Showcase FiFi Award Ceremony and Celebration. A distinguished panel of expert judges had the difficult task of choosing five outstanding fragrance brands based on criteria provided by the Foundation and the “Indie” Committee. The ballots were tabulated by the Foundation’s accounting firm Sperduto, Spector & Company. . .

                                  Click HERE to view the Top-5 Finalists
Elements Showcase Announces an exciting Facebook Giveaway and reveals their List of Exhibitors at the January 2012 Event
Elements Showcase announces an exciting Facebook Giveaway coinciding with their upcoming New York event as well as the full exhibitors list for their January 30-31, 2012 art fair.

View the Giveaway Details and Exhibitors list HERE
Leather notes in perfumery have existed for more than a century. I was interested to read the announcement of fragrance trend predictions by Bell Flavours and Fragrances. The scent of leather rates in their top 10 perfume trends for 2012. This sparked my curiosity. If leather notes have featured consistently in perfume over the past century, how has this note evolved? This trend has been on the horizon with a number of 2010-2011 fragrances containing . . .
Read the Rest of this Article HERE


Clayton Ilolahia
An Olfactory Primer of Passions
By Beth Schreibman-Gehring 
With Video
I’m presently the keeper of many wonderful bottles of perfume, but Shalimar is still one of the sexiest that I own followed closely by the hypnotically spicy Opium, another of my old and glamorous “go to” perfumes. Both are wonderful and neither will ever fail to arouse when used with a certain je ne said quoi... 

From the late Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor to reality TV’s Kim Kardashian, anyone who’s truly somebody has their fame encapsulated in a crystal bottle. Some, like Jennifer Lopez, are able to thrive on the market, building a successful empire that goes beyond selling records or movie tickets. However, with hundreds of choices to choose from, it’s difficult to find a celebrity-endorsed fragrance that isn’t too cloying, candied, or simply common. When chart-topping artist Rihanna announced earlier this year that she too would be joining the bandwagon, we weren’t impressed-until we took a whiff of her delicious creation, Reb’l Fleur... 

Read the Rest of this Article HERE
Rihanna’s Rebelle
Getting Rebellious: Falling for Rihanna’s Rebelle,
A Yummy Celebrity Scent 

By Stephanie Nolasco

Masterpieces of Artistic Perfumery
4th edition, March 29 - April 1, 2012
Palazzo La Permanente - Milan, Italy

For the first time in Italy, the leading event of Artistic Perfumery, now in its fourth edition, will have a dedicated web-tv channel in Live Streaming. Thanks to the joint-venture between Esxence and Extrait, which will guarantee a worldwide visibility to the event and to all of the brands that will take part in it...

Thanks to our friends at ExtraitThe Perfume Magazine will be presenting a live stream from the event in Milan, Italy on our Facebook page.

Videos Inside - Read the Rest of this Article HERE
During the early part of the 1970s, America and the rest of the world became interested in a tiny kingdom named Sikkim. Hidden away in the Himalayas, the King, Thondup and Queen, Hope (formerly the New York debutante Hope Cooke) ruled over a population of just 200,000. Sikkim (Nepali,i.e. the "Goodly Region") is a landlocked Indian state nestled in the Himalayan mountains. Sikkim is a surprising chypre of monumental proportions, and you will find it stunning right from the start. At first floral, by turns green and earthy, and finally, rich and spicy, this is such a heady and unusual scent.  
Sikkim by Lancôme
Vintage Profile

By Grace Hummel
Sorry socialites, you truly aren’t a superstar unless there’s a fragrance or three created in your honor. 
Newest Releases At Beautyhabit.com
EXCLUSIVE to Beautyhabit.com and the USA, direct from France!

Rosie Jane Leila Lou Eau de Parfum

Lostmarch - L’Eau du Dimanche 

Cousu de fil Blanc New Releases
Crafting Beauty to Offer Personalized Scents
Our friend, François Damide, 
President of Crafting Beauty, Inc. was just featured in WWD!  

un parfum, des sens…
New Fragrance Releases

bissoumine has a range of seven perfumes: temps des rêves, nuit des îles, rivages de Méditerranée, souffle sauvage, un ange passe, à l’ombre du figuier, soir ensoleillé. 

with video Read the Rest of this Press HERE
Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol 
Newest Release
His angular, dispassionate face, sometimes framed in sunglasses, is perhaps more familiar not only to the art world, but to the general public, than any other artist’s in history. 

Read the Rest of this Review HERE

Andy Warhol by Bond No. 9, the latest in Bond No. 9’s Warhol series, celebrates the boho-mod life and times of the iconic artist himself. 
World-famous for his silkscreen portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Mao, Jackie O, John Lennon, and Princess Di, among other celebrities whose photos he burnished for posterity in the Pop Art style he pioneered, Andy Warhol also frequently recorded his own tow-headed image throughout his career. 
CREED Royal Service
Newest Release
Royal Service also lends its name to CREED's 2012 men's polo team. Maximiliano Palacio will captain the CREED fragrance company polo team in 2012, and the team will take the name Royal Service...

Read the Rest of this Article HERE
Creed's latest scent is now available in America. The masterfully perfumed lives of royal and legendary women that CREED has served since 1760 burst to life in new, rare and limited-edition Royal Service. 
  New Releases Niche Perfume House Askett & English announce Askett 
“Essential” and Askett “Absolute” Fragrances 

Based on recollections of summers spent in Italy and France and reflecting the heritage of the original colognes... fragrances ensuring wide appeal to both men and women. 
Read the Rest of this Press HERE

Located amongst the beautiful rolling landscapes, high beech woods and green fields of the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, artisan perfumer Askett & English has developed a brace of exquisite fragrances in the spirit of the classic cologne. 

Maximiliano Palacio
The Perfume Magazine
Exclusive Interview with

Michael Edwards

Fragrance Expert and Author of 
"Fragrances Of The World"

By Mark David Boberick

"In extracting the oils, 
the angels take their share." 
-Michael Edwards

"My first recollection of meeting Fragrance Author/Expert, Michael Edwards will forever be etched in my memory like a beautiful Lanvin stopper. I recall a tall tanned and elegant Gentleman in an off-white linen suit striding towards me.  As we began our journey on scents...It was magic and anyone who is fortunate to hear him will also be enraptured...

Marian Bendeth; Global Fragrance Expert, Sixth Scents

Read The Rest of this rare Interview

January 23, 2012

Welcome to The Perfume Magazine!

Our first publication of 2012 is the second installment of our Winter Issue. For our Cover Story, we are excited to feature an interview with the creative and organizational team of Elements Showcase, which is the first fragrance event of the calendar year. We are pleased to share exciting information from Elements including the announcement of The Fragrance Foundation’s Indie FiFi Finalists and an incredible Facebook Giveaway. Next week, both Raphaella and I will be in attendance at the event in New York City and will be looking forward to gathering an assortment of exceptional new fragrances and lines to cover in issues to come. You can also find the list of exhibitors at Elements in this issue. Make sure to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter in order to stay updated from The Perfume Magazine throughout the event.

In this issue, we also feature several announcements and upcoming fragrance releases. Senior Editor Beth Schreibman Gehring expounds as only she can in her latest scintillating piece. Contributor Grace Hummel beautifully profiles a vintage gem. And we are pleased to announce the permanent addition of Australian native, Clayton Ilolahia to our international team of contributors with the publication of his second article on men's fragrances. If you happened to miss Part One of our Winter Issue, never fear - just click here.

What else is in store for our readers this year? Our calendar of events will continue, taking our editorial team to Milan, Italy for an immersion into the world of artistic perfumery at Esxence. We will feature more exciting interviews with top perfumers, more in-depth articles and perfume profiles, and we will publish 2 of our most exciting issues, to-date – so exciting that we’re not quite ready to give away any secrets, just yet.

As The Perfume Magazine continues to receive such incredible feedback and grows in readership, we are humbled and a little speechless – but a Magazine should never find itself entirely at a loss for words, should it? So, for now, I will close with these two:

Thank you!