CREED Royal Service
January 22, 2011

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Creed's latest scent is now available in America.  The masterfully perfumed lives of royal and legendary women that CREED has served since 1760 burst to life in new, rare and limited-edition Royal Service. Only 300 handblown decanters are in America, each signed and numbered by Olivier CREED, master perfumer of France. In a unique bottle never again to be offered, the fragrance is a symphony of ingredients selected from the CREED fragrances of Queen Victoria, Evita Peron, two U.S. First Ladies and other most distinguished clients. The ideal accoutrement for today's power women, Royal Service also lends its name to CREED's 2012 men's polo team.

Maximiliano Palacio will captain the CREED fragrance company polo team in 2012, and the team will take the name Royal Service, after the newest CREED fragrance, offered now, only 300 bottles, each signed and numbered by sixth-generation master perfumer Olivier CREED in Paris.

The special fragrance is offered at CREED, 794 Madison Avenue at 67th Street in New York, 877.273.3344.

The CREED Royal Service polo team will play in England and in Mr. Palacio’s native Argentina, with some US matches.  CREED Vice President Adam Brecht will also play, joined by local players in the host country.  Max Palacio is an actor and polo player resident in Los Angeles.

To mark the successful start in 2011 of CREED’s second 250 years, sixth-generation master perfumer Olivier CREED in Paris presents Royal Service, a unique new limited edition collectors’ fragrance hand blended with flowers, fruits and spices from CREED scents worn by royal and famous women the CREED dynasty has served since 1760.  The ultimate fragrance for powerful women of today, Royal Service is presented in a sculptural hand-blown 6.8 ounce glass decanter with a numbered leather collar, a vessel never again to be produced.  Fewer than 300 decanters, each signed by Mr. CREED, will be offered.

Classification: Citrus / Classic

Characteristics: A masterfully crafted and personal journey through CREED’s service to crowned heads and First Ladies, the world’s most exceptional clientele in fragrance, with modern flourishes for today’s leading women.

Top note: Like the opening of a palace door, the top note is bergamot from CREED Fleurissimo, worn by the Monegasque princess on her wedding day plus orange zest of Love In White, worn by two U.S. First Ladies.  To this gala start, Mr. CREED adds a hint of crisp Mediterranean grapefruit.

Middle note: Iris from the favorite CREED of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, Fantasia de Fleurs.  Mr. CREED adds youth and a contemporary feel with a dab of neroli and gentle daffodil.

Base note: Musk from Queen Victoria’s CREED Fleur de Bulgarie with amber from Eva Peron’s CREED Ambre Cannelle.

Royal Service

Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles
Maximiliano Palacio, captain of the CREED polo team named Royal Service to honor a new fragrance
CREED Vice President Adam Brecht
Adam Brecht image courtesy from the CREED BOUTIQUE BLOG