An Interview with the Organizers of Elements Showcase
January 22, 2011

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By Mark David Boberick
Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles

Ulrich Lang, Frederick Bouchardy, Jeffrey Lawson
Could you each tell me about your background in the Fragrance Industry?

FB:  I founded Joya Studio in 2004 virtually by accident.  Now we have our house brand (selectively distributed globally) and we produce scented design objects for fashion and lifestyle brands.

UL:  I worked in the art publishing arena in New York City and in Marketing for L'Oreal in Germany.  My line is a fusion of my passion for both contemporary art, specifically photography, and fragrance.
Ulrich Lang New York launched in 2003 and is retailed in selective distribution including Barneys New York,  Aedes de Venustas and Luckyscent in the US.

Jeffrey Lawson has a long history producing art fairs internationally and runs his own production company.

How did the decision to establish Elements Showcase come about?

UL: The start of it was a chance meeting with Frederick Bouchardy, creator of Joya. Frederick and I met at the beginning of 2010 and we talked about what else we could do for our industry.  It turned out he had a similar idea of creating a fragrance event / fair, an idea my friend Jeffrey Lawson and I had talked about for years.  We all got along well and decided to make this vision a reality.

What is the general mission of Elements Showcase and has that mission evolved since the first event?

It is essentially a show about design - specifically the designers behind the world's best fragrance brands both emerging and established.  Elements is not only for niche brands but often the creators and entrepreneurs behind smaller brands have the most revolutionary ideas.

How will the upcoming January event differ from your original event?

We now occupy two floors, we expect over twice as many visitors and all the special projects have become really polished.  We will have educational forums, multiple art installations and pop-ups.

Can you tell us about your new partnership with The Fragrance Foundation and how it evolved to feature a brand new Indie FiFi category and presentation at this upcoming event?

The Fragrance Foundation has been very supportive of Elements from the beginning.  We had been discussing with Vice-President Mary-Ellen Lapsansky and former President Rochelle Bloom the ways in which we could connect the independent brands with the Fragrance Foundation. The Indie FiFi Award is the result of that.

Elements Showcase has a very specific look and atmosphere – it’s very contemporary and a bit sensual. What was the process like to arrive at this particular concept?

We have established a cohesive visual language to make the brands, designers and products truly shine.  All three of us are actively involved in all aspects of this showcase so it is a true collaboration.

How do you prefer to classify the event, and why?

An art fair is at its core a trade show.  Exhibitors are there to sell.  The difference between an art show and a trade show is the presentation.  Elements is a trade show, a marketplace, a resource and an event.  The floor plan is interactive which makes the experience informative and unique.

With the event just days away, how are the three of you feeling? What are the recurring thoughts on your mind?

Frederick has been on a two week bender, Jeff is redecorating his apartment and Uli is on a steady diet of steak and eggs.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Gentlemen. Best of luck on what is sure to be a stellar event.

In just a few short days, the niche and luxury fragrance world will once again converge on New York City for the third exciting installment of Elements Showcase.

As the final preparations are under way for the event, The Perfume Magazine spoke with the Elements team of Organizers:




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