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bissoumine … un parfum, des sens…with video
January 22, 2011

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Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles
Our samples are on the way so we have not been able to do a proper profile but the new bissoumine website is gorgeous, the bottles and scarves are gorgeous and we cannot wait to test these. I am very intrigued by the temps des rêves, a rose, of course.  Look for interveiw soon!   - RB

bissoumine … un parfum, des sens…

“My inspiration comes from privileged moments in life, places, literature
and art works which I cherish. I try to capture a special moment with my
imaginary olfactory camera and to translate it as a perfume.
This is my way to invite others to share my universe.”   - Kitty Shpirer

souffle sauvage

A sun flooded meadow,
somewhere in Provence.
At the warmest hours of the day,
our senses are revived...

A perfume of sun-warmed wild flowers
melts into a blend of white peach and mandarine,
based on a duo of myrrh and white musk.

In perfect harmony with the skin,
feminine or masculine,
it has a carnal and insistent character.

temps des rêves

As in a Beaudelaire poem,
draped in precious silks and velvets,
halloed by voluptuous perfume,
a woman dreams, suspended in time.

The Turkish rose, radiant, delicately powdered,
is caressed by an ardent accord of cinnamon and pepper,
the softness of natural vanilla reposes on
a harmony of sandal and cedar wood.

Warm, persistent, precious perfume,
merging into the skin, leaves behind a sensual mist.
un ange passe

A delicate feeling, like the touch of an angel’s wing,
a silence between two notes of music, a state of grace,
a sense of fulfillment in a peaceful universe…

A breath of fresh ylang ylang, with an unusual rhubarb, unveil a sweet iris,
nuanced by anis flower and the inevitable duo rose and jasmine.
This beautiful harmony finishes by a marriage of amber and white musk.

An aerial and delicate perfume, an emotional sensation merging softly with the skin.

à l'ombre du figuier

The refreshing shade of an old Provençal fig tree,
a feeling of well-being in the heat of the day,
in a Mediterranean garden.

The unique scent of the fig tree,
its wild tones of green wood, spiced with cloves and ginger.
The softness of its fruit is tinted with a floral touch
mellowed by an accord of sandalwood and musk.

An intense and vibrant perfume,
a refreshing feeling on feminine or masculine skin.

bissoumine was born in Grasse in 2009, from the encounter of two perfumers, Kitty Shpirer and Patrice Martin, to create together a line of exclusive and original perfumes inspired by art and emotions, where the creation process, free of any marketing or commercial considerations, is at the heart of the perfume. The results are high quality fragrances, intense and vibrant, elegant and delicate, leaving being a distinct aura.  bissoumine signifies perfume in ancient Aramaic; at that time, perfumes, precious and rare, had a cultural, spiritual and sacred meaning. Inspired as olfactory messages, our perfumes express the multiple facets of our emotional and spiritual personality.
They adapt to the changing moments of life becoming a state of mind, a signature, a symbol of one’s identity.  To reflect the importance of art in bissoumine’s creation process, the packaging has been created by a designer with a unique watercolor emblem for each perfume.

bissoumine perfumes are exclusive creations, true to traditional perfumery. In the compositions, natural ingredients of high quality are privileged. The perfumes are produced in small quantities in our own laboratory, with total command of the process from conception to realization, with respect of the environment (our products are guaranteed to not be tested on animals).

rivages de méditerranée

A window opening unto the Mediterranean...
invites a profusion of fragrances,
a symphony of colours, a Matisse painting,
a timeless instant of well-being.

The cool notes of orange and mandarine
lightens the warmth of the Mediterranean spices.
The floral touch given by orange blossoms is nuanced
by the elegance of jasmine, all based on cedar wood,
deep and soothing.

A generous perfume, contrasted, subtle,
simple and sophisticated,
classical and contemporary,
feminine and masculine.

bissoumine has a range of seven perfumes (in 1.7 Fl. Oz. Bottles):
temps des rêves, nuit des îles, rivages de Méditerranée, souffle sauvage,
un ange passe, à l’ombre du figuier, soir ensoleillé.

A line of scented candles has been launched this year, based on three perfumes: temps des rêves, un ange passe, à l’ombre du figuier with high quality at the heart, they are made of 100% natural soy wax and absolutely no petrol-chemical/mineral by-products.

The collection is available on and in selected points of sales.