December 30, 2011
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Welcome to The Winter Issue of The Perfume Magazine, the last Issue for 2011. In this issue, we are extremely excited to share with our readers a collection of articles by our incredibly talented team of journalists including our Cover Story, Journey to the Heart of Fragrance by Neil Sternberg which offers a rare and fascinating glimpse behind-the-scenes at the largest perfume company in the world.

It's official!  We are excited and honored to announce that we are one of the media partners with Esxence, which will take us to Milan, Italy this Spring for several days and will present us with an exciting opportunity to offer our readers coverage on the best of the best that niche perfumery has to offer! Mark David and I will also be attending the upcoming Elements Showcase New York at the end of January to bring you coverage of the event and new releases. 

We also want to extend our sincerest thanks to our wonderful friends at Luckyscent and Beautyhabit for each sponsoring a spectacular contest for readers of The Perfume Magazine this past issue. A special thanks to Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes and Indie Scents for also sponsoring our special bottle give-away. 

We also host a perfume forum that is open for discussion so please become a member and view our Forum here.  Come join us for our Scent of The Day.  We also invite you to join us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates in the quickest form. Our new Interviews section is a collection of all of the incredible Interviews with fascinating people that we have amassed since our debut only 4 months ago. It is not to be missed!  We also welcome our new advertisers and partners; Jouany Perfumes, JoAnne Basset, Juliet Perfume, YOSH, The Perfumers Guild London and Elements Showcase NY.

Managing Editor Mark David Boberick and I also wanted to take a moment to express our sincerest appreciation and thanks for an OVERWHELMING response since our Debut Issue in September. The Perfume Magazine has been read by tens of thousands of people in over 123 countries around the world. Your support has enriched our mission to continue to deliver the absolute best in perfume journalism. 

Happy New Year to all of our gracious readers and we hope that 2012 is a fragrant and prosperous year for everyone.
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Molton Brown (US)
Charles Baudelaire: 
Poet of the Perfumed Word

A Literary Work on Baudelaire and Perfume
My soul floats on...perfume as the souls of other men...float on music.   - Baudelaire

By Marlene Goldsmith
How can a poem be fragrant and a perfume speak poetically? Charles Baudelaire gave olfaction a unique place in his writings and elevated it to a stature never before seen in the history of poetry. Dubbed “un...gourmet d’odeurs” (a gourmet of odors), for him perfume was timeless and much adored... 

Journey to the Heart of Fragrance

By Neil T. Sternberg
The Perfume Magazine welcomes tour de force journalist, Neil Sternberg, with this amazing, one-of-a-kind journey into the world of the famous International Flavors and Fragrances. Join us as as we travel with him into the heart of fragrance in this fascinating, in-depth account of the offices and labs of the perfume industry. A must read for all lovers of perfume. -Editor

As you walk along the wall – step after step after step after step – viewing the fullness of fragrance history – you realize that IFF hasn’t just been a witness to fragrance history – it created a huge chunk of it. The display in the back section of the lobby is, however, the best.   All of the famous fragrances, in their real bottles...  

Whiffs of Scent Memory
By Suzie Parker Devoe

The Perfume Magazine welcomes our new contributor, Suzie Devoe as she recounts her scent memories for us.

A good friend of mine and I woke up at five in the morning, loaded our bikes on the back of my SUV and drove all the way from New York City to Savannah Georgia in one day.  By nine p.m. that evening we were eating shrimp and grits and toasting our road trip success with a martini... 

                       Read Full Article Here
On Making Sense out of Scents

by Elena Vosnaki
Top notes of honey flower and solar musk. Heart notes of Osmanthus and Amberlyn. Base notes of tactile woods and vetiver.  Does this random perfume notes list, replete with sensuous innuendo, make absolutely no sense to you? It might be unicorn tears and rainbow ends for all you know! Likewise, in front of an aromatic stanza, we're often at a loss to accurately describe what we smell to another. 
Apparently, dear reader, you're not alone; the confounded crowd includes tons of perfume lovers who struggle through perfume descriptions on a regular basis.
 It's hard to make sense out of scents...
Four Scents For 
The Australian Summer

By Clayton Ilolahia
The Perfume Magazine welcomes our new Australian Correspondent, Clayton Ilolahia as he gives us a sneak peek into fragrances "Down Under". 
Thanks to the planetary tilt, December marks the beginning of our summer. Here in Sydney, the sensory journey December provides by way of sights, smells and tastes is very different from the white Christmas experienced in the world’s great cities of the north such as New York, London or Paris... 

Pearls, Perfumes & Passions; Naughty Secrets 

From The Women Who 
Paved My Way....

By Beth Schreibman Gehring
Michael Edwards
Fragrances Of The World 2012
Our insatiable appetite for new fragrances...

On average three fragrances were launched every day in 2011. For the first time over 1,000 new fragrances have been added to FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD®. The 2012 (28th annual) edition is available now to order for delivery.  FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD® has become the fragrance bible, the industry’s most comprehensive reference, now with over 8,000 fragrances listed, each cross-referenced by fragrance family, gender, brand and year of launch. “Fragrance houses and perfumista’s alike seem to have an insatiable appetite for new fragrances,” said fragrance expert Michael Edwards. “

The Perfume Magazine becomes 
an American Media Partner with 
Esxence: The Art Perfumery's Event

Editor-In-Chief Raphaella Barkley and Managing Editor 
Mark David Boberick will be in attendance at the 2012 
Edition of Esxence at La Permanente Milano from 
March 29 - April 1, 2012 in Milan, Italy.
For more information on how you can attend this incredible event that celebrates the art of fine niche perfumery, visit:

We are looking forward to meeting some of our Italian readers this 
Spring in Milan!
The Pictures have arrived!!!

Hundreds of bottles, glittering crystal, incredible displays - our readers are serious collectors!

View the entry highlights as well as the winning entry here.
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We are pleased to publish the winning entry from our Holiday Writing Contest. We received an overwhelming response and it was difficult to choose. We hope you enjoy this heartwarming holiday scent story.
I'll Be Home For Christmas
by Ursula D'Aria
by Mark David Boberick
2011 was a very busy year for the Perfume World - a record-breaking number of new releases, celebrity fragrances being released en masse, a booming niche fragrance market - will 2012 be able to top it?

Managing Editor Mark David Boberick takes a look backwards and forwards in his latest article for The Perfume Magazine.
An Evening of
Playful Decadence

Perfume and Chocolate Pairings 
Ormonde Jayne
Charbonnel et Walker
By Deirdre McLaughlin
In her debut piece for The Perfume Magazine, London Correspondent Deirdre McLaughlin offers us a glimpse into an evening of a luxurious sensorial experience offered by two of London's most prestigious institutions - one a classic chocolatier, and the other - a modern perfumery.

Read Full Article Here

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