December 29, 2011

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Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles
Michael Edwards
Fragrances Of The World 2012

Our insatiable appetite for new fragrances...

On average three fragrances were launched every day in 2011. For the first time over 1,000 new fragrances have been added to FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD®. The 2012 (28th annual) edition is available now to order for delivery in January 2012.

FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD® has become the fragrance bible, the industry’s most comprehensive reference, now with over 8,000 fragrances listed, each cross-referenced by fragrance family, gender, brand and year of launch.

“Fragrance houses and perfumista’s alike seem to have an insatiable appetite for new fragrances,” said fragrance expert Michael Edwards. “We have seen an explosion of launches in the past ten years, with a record high of 1200 new launches in 2011, compared with 372 launches in 2001 and just 76 in 1991.

“In 1991, no one had really heard of limited edition scents or flankers, while in 2001 there were 32 limited editions and 52 flankers. Those numbers have now skyrocketed to 236 limited edition scents and 197 flankers in 2011. The rise in these types of fragrances highlights the trend of growing the market for the world’s most popular scents by creating new or seasonal interpretations of the original that we already know and love.

“While there is much speculation about the celebrity fragrance genre, its popularity continues with 73 celebrity scents launched in 2011, including the major success story of Justin Beiber’s Someday.

“This compares with only nine celebrity fragrances in 2001 and just three in 1991 including the enduring success story that is Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. In 2012, launches by Madonna and Lady Gaga, both developed in conjunction with Coty, will no doubt be ones to watch.

“The growth in niche fragrances is another significant trend seen over the past ten years, with 219 launches in 2011 versus 61 in 2001 and just 9 in 1991. L'Artisan Parfumeur pioneered the concept of artisanal fragrances in 1978 but it was not until the new millennium that niche fragrances moved to centre stage.

“Embraced now by the major groups (such as Armani Privé, Chanel Les Exclusives, Hermès Hermessence) we view the niche category not only as a welcome opportunity for perfumers to experiment with innovative fragrances but also as a seedbed for future brand developments.

“In that light, it is interesting to watch the evolution of Tom Ford Private Blend from a sophisticated niche player to a major brand now in international department stores. Clearly, it has moved from niche to selective/luxury brand status,” said Edwards.


FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD includes selective, niche, masstige, mass market and direct sale fragrances available worldwide, cross-referenced for ease of use. “FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD generates sales for retailers by taking the guess work out of choosing a fragrance,” said Edwards. “If a customer asks for a fragrance that is not stocked, a quick cross reference of the guidebook lets sales associates offer the perfect alternative based on the fragrance family it belongs to – the universal key to the fragrances that a person likes or dislikes.”

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) have collaborated with Michael to feature striking photography in the book, which visually reinterprets floral and other family notes.

About Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards has become a fragrance phenomenon, an ambassador for the world of perfumery. Fragrance consumes him. “It is my passion, my life,” he says.

He wrote a book, Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances that opened up the secret world of perfumery. For the first time, perfumers spoke of their work and the sources of their inspiration. Perfume Legends has become a cult classic.

Edwards won his first FiFi award in 2004, the Technological Achievement Oscar of perfumery, for his Fragrances of the World.Info database. Women’s Wear Daily dubbed him “The brain of the fragrance industry”.

Edwards remains the fragrance world’s only impartial and independent authority.
He makes no charge for listing or classifying new fragrances. He declines both advertising and sponsorship. As a result, he is able to work with every brand and perfumer to check the accuracy of his classifications and work.

Follow Michael at

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AU$195 + $15 delivery for the first book; $10 for every extra book (includes GST)
NZ$265 + $45 delivery for the first book; $35 for every extra book
US$205 + $40 delivery for the first book; $30 for every extra book
UK£125 + £30 delivery for the first book; £20 for every extra book

FRAGRANCES OF THE WORLD® 2012 ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9808600-1-6 Format: Hardcover Pages: 232 

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