HOME FRAGRANCE: The Perfect Candles for Autumn
By Mark David Boberick
October 1, 2011

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SALEM by Modern Alchemy

If ever there was an appropriate candle for the season, well, this would be it. Beyond the name, SALEM delivers a powerful perfumed pyre of smoldering woods. The Forests of New England are engulfed in flames and left alone to burn out on their own. This candle doesn’t just scent your home, it creates an atmosphere perfectly suited for the macabre.

PERFECT FOR: City-dwellers who grew up in the Country burning leaves and wood but who now live in apartments so tiny that if they lit more than a candle, they’d set their entire building on fire.

BURNING QUALITY: SALEM is a soy-based candle that burns clean and easy. The wax pools, covering the entire surface of the candle after approximately 2 hours.

POWER: The second floor of my home is an open floorplan that includes a kitchen, dining area, and a living area. When I burned SALEM for this evaluation, it was detectable throughout my 2nd floor.

PRICE: $50 / 7.4 oz.  Available from MODERN ALCHEMY

GIVEAWAY! Special Thanks to Modern Alchemy and SIREN PR for offering one full-size SALEM candle worth $50 for a prize draw. Please visit the Giveaway page for information on how to enter to win!
KYARA CLOVE by Belle Fleur
If you are hopelessly addicted to Oud at the moment, as so many fragrance lovers are, look no further than Belle Fleur's stunning KYARA CLOVE Candle from their Exotic Wood Collection. Rich and warm, this candle delivers pure elegance into your home in an approachable and comfortable way. Whats even better is the lingering smell of Oud in the air long after the flame is blown out. It is no surprise that Belle Fleur candles were 2008 FiFi Finalists in the category of Home Fragrance. Any candle from Exotic Wood Collection would be a fine addition to any home this Fall, but we fell hard for KYARA CLOVE.
PERFECT FOR: That rainy Autumn day when all you really feel like doing is staying inside with a cashmere throw, a fresh pot of tea and a fresh delivery from Netflix.
BURNING QUALITY: KYARA CLOVE is a soy-blend candle that burns exceptionally well. The wax pool develops after approximately 3 hours.
POWER: Again, the same room was used for the evaluation of this candle and the result was a highly-detectable but not overwhelming scent throughout the second floor with traces on the third floor, as well.
PRICE: $48 / 7.5 oz.  Available from BELLE FLEUR
GIVEAWAY! Special Thanks to Belle Fleur for offering one full-size KYARA CLOVE candle worth $48 for a prize draw. Please visit the Giveaway page for information on how to enter to win!
Read an Interview with the Creative Team behind Belle Fleur from our Debut Issue
AMBER by Henri Bendel

Several scents in the Henri Bendel Home Fragrance Collection have come and gone, but thankfully, AMBER is one scent that has stuck around, and for good reason, too! This candle is the spiciest and most sophisticated scent this side of the Bosphorus! Fortunately, you don't have to vacation in Istanbul to experience absolute luxury this Fall, because AMBER brings the refined excess of Topkapi Palace right to you!

PERFECT FOR: Scenting your entire home for a Holiday party, or the perfect host/hostess gift if you're attending said Holiday party, instead. AMBER is also perfect for big family gatherings. This Fall, as you prepare your Thanksgiving meal in the kitchen, burn AMBER in the living room! (Or in the kitchen if you've burned dinner.)

BURNING QUALITY: AMBER burns clean and pools very quickly. The wick needs to be trimmed quite often and forms a lot of carbon deposits, but that is hardly a con with this candle.

POWER: This is one of the most powerful candles that I have ever burned. All 3 floors of my home were exquisitely fragranced from just one candle.

PRICE: $30 / 9.4 oz.  Available from HENRI BENDEL

As Autumn closes in and the Summer heat takes a backseat for at least another 9 months, we are left with the perfect opportunity to add another layer of fragrance to our lives - this time, in our homes.
In our first Home Fragrance Column, we explore 3 candles that are sure to create the perfect environment for your home this Fall. If you love fine fragranced candles, we have hand-picked a trio that will suit even the most discriminating tastes and will leave your home with a warm and inviting scent. If you're not a regular candle burner, there are a few basic things that you should know before you strike the first match.
The key to a successful burning candle does is not left entirely to the product itself, but to the person burning it. Dr. Dorothy McCall of Kingsbury Fragrances in Pittsburgh offers these great tips on burning candles. "Make sure all wicks are trimmed to 1/4" before lighting to ensure the candle burns at an even rate. Do not blow out the candle until the wax pool covers the entire surface of the candle. This can often take from anywhere between 2 to 8 hours, in some cases. If a candle is prematurely extinguished, it may burn down the middle leaving a ring of wax on the glass and will never burn properly in the future. The first burning of a candle is the most important, if you do not have several hours to stand-by waiting for the entire surface to pool, do not light the candle until you have ample waiting time."