Tallulah Jane Naturals Hope Eau de Parfum
October 1, 2011

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Fragrance Profile By Josie Plumey
Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles
A Note from Elenor Jane:

Not only are we hoping to promote the mission of the ACS through through supporting their Gala but we will also be offering full bottles for sale on our website with 50% of sales of Hope going directly back to the American Cancer Society.

This is a great honor and has been a heartwarming project for all of the Tallulah Jane team as each and every one of us have had family members or friends affected by this devastating disease. To be able to contribute to cancer awareness and attempt to generate donations which can possibly help patients, as well as friends and families, who are fighting this disease gives us a great sense of purpose.

The perfume is named Hope and might be best described as a floral oriental (floriental!) with a citrusy top  -EJ


From the studio of Tallulah Jane comes their latest offering to the fragrance world, Hope. This Eau De Parfum will debut as a gift bag item at the 2011 Pink and Black Tie Gala presented by the American Cancer Society. Full size bottles of Hope will be available for sale after the event on the Tallulah Jane website. Half of all proceeds will be donated directly to the ACS.  From the ACS event web site...

“For nearly a century, the American Cancer Society has fought for every
birthday threatened by every cancer in every community. We’ve helped
avoid about 650,000 cancer deaths and created the potential for more
birthday celebrations. Funds raised through the Gala will support the
American Cancer Society’s services this year to more than 4,000 families
in the Brooklyn community, as well as our live-saving national research
and support programs. Now that’s a reason to party!”
Tallulah Jane Naturals is a company with a heart. Perfumer Eleanor Jane has strived to create a company that is 100% natural, Leaping Bunny-certified, vegan, and ethically run. It is with this in mind that it comes as no surprise that her latest fragrance, Hope Eau de Parfum, was created with the American Cancer Society in mind.

Hope is something that all men and women need, and this is especially so of those battling cancer. Eleanor’s latest fragrance is uplifting, vibrant, and overwhelmingly positive: it is liquid hope! Wearing it creates an impossible to ignore sense of happiness and perkiness.

The best thing about Hope is that half of the proceeds from sales of the perfume go straight to the American Cancer Society. What better way to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which is this month, readers!) than to purchase a bottle of this wonderful fragrance?

The initial spray of Hope is refreshingly hesperidic: a plump, juicy mandarin and the zing of lemon zest. There is no way that one can smell this and not instantly smile. Unlike most hesperidic notes, these notes last for quite a while. They lend a freshness to the floral heart notes.

The florals used in Hope are decidedly tropical: I detect a lovely jasmine, fresh but not indolic. I smell a sweet, creamy frangipani as well, but the most noticeable floral is the white champa. White champa lends a green, fruity tone to the fragrance that ties together the zingy tart top notes to the floral heart. I am reminded of a stroll through a sunny tropical garden, the sun’s rays warming my skin and a breeze carries the flowers’ scents throughout the air.

I also thought that Eleanor’s inclusion of white champa was quite smart: if I remember correctly, the scent of white champa is meant to calm and relax its wearer, creating a sense of security and peace. This is perfect for someone dealing with the fear and stress that cancer creates.

The drydown of this fragrance is all amber: warm, powdery, and cozy. A hint of the white champa remains to sweeten and brighten the amber. Even as the scent fades away, its upbeat quality never dissipates.

Tallulah Jane fragrances can be found on the Tallulah Jane website
at Spirit Beauty Lounge and at C.O. Bigelow

Tallulah Jane has profound respect for the work that the ACS does, and finds inspiration from both the people that are dedicating their lives to
helping those who are living with cancer and the indomitable spirit of cancer patients themselves. In Hope, we endeavored to create a vibrant
and uplifting scent that not only brightens the senses but the soul as well.  As with all natural perfumes, Hope is a scent that evolves over the course of wearing it - an initial flash of mandarin and other cirtrus gradually recede into exotic florals and White Champa Leaf, bundled in the
powdery embrace of its amber base.

Like all of Tallulah Jane’s other creations, HOPE is 100% natural and free of synthetic additives and 95% of all ingredients are Organic or Wildcrafted. All of our products are Leaping Bunny certified to be Cruelty-Free and Vegan. All of our packaging is made with recycled materials, completely recylable and were produced in the Tallulah Jane studio which gets its electricity from 100% wind power.

Tallulah Jane’s Hope ($48 per 1 oz. bottle) is now available at www.tallulahjanenyc.com
Perfumer Eleanor Jane