October 15, 2012

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By Raphaella Barkley
​Parfums Belle Fleur
​Sa Majesté La Rose Candle Collection
The latest offering of luscious candles from Parfums Belle Fleur is the “Sa Majesté La Rose” collection and features some of the best candles in today’s market. That may be a big statement, but true. I have been collecting candles for about ten years now and I am always amazed at how there can be such a huge difference in quality among various products. Expensive candles are not always the best for burning down evenly and “throw” quality is sometimes non-existent. Very inexpensive candles can sometimes make you feel as though you have asthma and allergies. It took me a long time to find that perfect candle and I did when I discovered Parfum Belle Fleur New York. 

I first met Tony Perez, Co-Founder of Parfums Belle Fleur and his gorgeous wife and partner Meredith Perez, about six years ago in New York City. They opened my eyes to “quality in candles” Not only is Parfums Belle Fleur New York one of the leading and highly fashionable floral designs, they have created a stunning line of home and personal fragrance that capture the true beauty and pure essence of flowers. Not an easy task in the world of many fake-smelling synthetics. They also grasp the importance of fragrance and how it can transform space. Meredith’s deep love of flowers shines through in all that they create. In the past, for me personally, I have overpaid for certain popular candles in the niche market, only to have them “tunnel” improperly and fizzle out or have no scent while burning, even when the label says “high fragrance”. 

All that matters to Tony and Meredith is “The Juice”. Whether it is in a candle, fragrance, room spray or soap, they both passionately believe that “living spaces are as important as our bodies, so they must be treated with the same quality”.  

The candles fill a room with gorgeous scent and Belle Fleur is very keen to take great care in working with their chemists to get the right mixture of raw materials using 12-14% essential oils, a major feat that most other candle makers cannot seem to duplicate. Belle Fleur is also meticulous in sourcing for the best ingredients, which they feel is of utmost importance in maintaining their sense of values. 

The latest line “Sa Majesté La Rose” is a stunning homage to the glorious rose. All of my readers and friends know how much I adore Roses and Rose fragrances (in fact, I am getting ready to publish the next in my series on roses, “Raphaella’s Roses Part Five”), and I have a huge love affair with candles. 

The ancient sacred and romantic symbolism of the Rose intrigues me, in all its forms. I not only use candles for home ambiance, but I constantly use them while working in my office. They give me “life” and energy, so to speak, and keep me company as they happily flicker away. I am always filled with such peace when I burn Parfums Belle Fleur candles; it’s like having a fresh bouquet of flowers in the room, which is the point. Belle Fleur fragrances are so pure and clean; you can smell the high quality and supreme dedication, as well as their love of fresh flowers, in all that they do.

There is something magical about smelling fragrances that are pure and clean in design. They touch the divine in all of us and for me; candles are a sacred ritual that grounds me. It makes everyday life something special, a very real metaphysical energy emanates from certain candles, a live and viable energy that eagerly speaks to us. That is the ancient magic of candles. Smell. Memories. Intimacy. Love.

Candle Love
Rose Immortelle notes are Egyptian Rose Absolute, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Orris, Galbanum, Cedarwood, Amber & Mint. This is described as a “modern juicy rose evokes the freshness of a plump rose in full bloom, just plucked from its bed - inclusive of stem, leaves, root and earth”. Rose Immortelle is a full-bodied diva that will sing you a beautiful aria, one that will have you replaying the sublime melody in your mind, over and over again”.

Pétales d'Amour notes are Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Black Currant, Green Apple, Jasmine, Fig & Sandalwood. Belle Fleur press describes this as a “A radiant and enlivening fragrance inspired by the ethereal nature of The Garden of Eden, we set out to capture the sublime nuances of assorted blossoms with the sensuality of luscious fruit. With fresh apple, crushed rose petals, a mix of luscious berries and tender fig, the fresh fruity floral notes and the silkiness of sandalwood will remind you of how beautiful it is to fall in love. A sinful but guiltless pleasure that takes you beyond the here and now.”

Both Rose Immortelle and Pétales d'Amour are very deep, earthy, juicy and fresh; all at the same time. Parfums Belle Fleur’s press hits the mark accurately with their descriptions of these products. Rose Immortelle is the Beautiful Earthy Queen. Pétales d'Amour, evokes the feeling of falling into bed with your lover. It is so evocative that the fragrance actually makes you want to take a juicy bite of its fruit.  

Velvet Santal notes are Turkish Rose Absolute, Plum, Magnolia, Peony, Agarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla & Sandalwood. As Parfums Belle Fleur describes Velvet Santal:

“If you’ve ever taken a rose petal and rubbed it between your fingers or gently stroked the back of your hand with it, its soft velvety texture is beyond luxurious. Inspired by the sensuality of the rose petal itself, we’ve translated this sultriness into an ultra-smooth, alluring rose sandalwood fragrance. Expect Velvet Santal to sing in that sexy, satiny voice - the one that will make you wish the night would never end”.

Oh My. Of course the sumptuous Velvet Santal has stolen my heart and soul. The Rose and Sandalwood combination is definitely swoon-worthy. This borders the sacred, it is so beautiful. Think; “What Dreams Are Made Of”. The passionate luxuriousness of this candle is akin to a panther that purrs with contentment; with you, laying your head on it. This candle’s soul is a thousand years old. Velvet Santal is a candle to dream by and it explores the depth of The Rose”. It is a deeply thoughtful and spiritual candle, which allows the subconscious and creative process to flow. Whoever created this, must know the secrets of life.

Imperial Oudh is made with Moroccan Rose Absolute, Violet, Oudh, Tobacco Leaf, Leather, Spice, Tolu & Amber. 

“If Imperial Oudh were a man, he’d be tall, dark and handsome, but totally in touch with his feminine side. A study in contrast, it is inspired by the gentleman's private library. The exotic wood paneling, the scent of a crackling fireplace, row upon row of leather-bound books, the worn Chesterfield leather sofa, the hint of pipe tobacco in the air...and in the midst of all this masculinity, a sumptuous bouquet of delicate roses, adding balance and just the right touch of femininity to make it a perfect world.” 

The above description may be a bodice-ripping moment for women. We now may be getting into the “Fifty Shades of Grey” area here. Not really, but the above description also takes us on another magical carpet ride. (Editor’s Note: I usually scoff at many press releases sent in from perfume companies because the metaphors used do not ring true, but Belle Fleur expertly manages to describe what each candle is about, seemingly with perfection).  

Meredith and Tony Perez
Sa Majesté La Rose Collection consists of four rose scented candles that revolve around the “purple” rose that pays tribute to the grand dame of all flowers. Parfums Belle Fleur uses rose absolutes harvested from different regions of the world: Rose Immortelle (Egyptian centifolia), Pétales d’Amour (Bulgarian damascena), Velvet Santal (Turkish damascena) and Imperial Oudh. 

Each one is unique in scent character and each one glorious. Parfums Belle Fleur has managed to produce rose candles in a modern, stylish and sexy new way and all of their products have that ever important “swoon factor”.  

Imperial Oudh is a masculine tribute and what a glorious testament to men it is. I love the juxtaposition of yin and yang here. It’s rich and seductively smoky with a tobacco note that isn’t overbearing. Anyone that loves Oudh will love this creation. Do not let the rose note scare you away, this is an “all male” scent and that extra rose kick gives it its supreme masculine sexiness. This is a super-sophisticated, sensuous, sleek, urban candle and a woman should consider gifting this candle to the man in her life. Men should buy this candle for themselves, for their home or office, to impress the women in their lives. 

Out of all the candle collections to which I am faithful, Parfum Belle Fleur is now at the top of the list. 

Belle Fleur has consistently and thoughtfully created works of art for purpose and pleasure. Whether it is simple or stunning floral arrangements, room sprays, candles or soaps, their love of design and the finished product shines through. They demonstrate, through all they do, utmost respect and dedication to art and beauty of their scented products.

It’s wildly exciting that Parfum Belle Fleur will be launching its first line of perfumes in 2013 and are they are currently working with two award winning perfumers, Ralf Schwieger of Mane and Jerome Epinette of Robertet. There are many of us waiting with bated breath to see what they come up with next.  

Parfums Belle Fleur NYC

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Tony Perez and Ralf Schwieger at Elements NY

Photograph by Raphaella Barkley