October 15, 2012

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By Raphaella Barkley
CREED Vanisia Millésime Eau de Parfum 
Perfect For Fall 

CREED Vanisia has been one of my favorite CREEDS (just one), yet it somehow seems to have taken a “back seat” to many of the other Creeds.
I think it deserves better, especially for the Fall season.

Michael Edwards classifies this as an Oriental / Classic and Vanisia is part of the Millésime releases.  

Vanisia is described as a “Rich, woody floral. CREED Vanisia’s bodacious sensuality is a favorite for consumers with an inclination toward classic perfumes”. Further press states that “CREED created Vanisia for the queen of Spain who happened to be the great niece of Marie Antoinette of France. After assuming the throne, the Spanish queen wished to make a style statement like her French relative. She commissioned CREED to make a fragrance that was rich, sensual and mysterious, with undertones of Spanish woods and rich vanilla”.  

Top Notes are Bergamot, middle notes are Jasmine and Bulgarian rose and the base notes are Sandalwood, vanilla, amber and ambergris.

I have always been well suited to Orientals and they are gorgeous on my skin. The intriguing blend of rose with ambergris and the other base notes in Vanisia have always been “other worldly” to me.  

Vanisia is rich and warm, decidedly sexy and very feminine and this fragrance is beautifully executed. This scent is suitable for both sexes. I know men who wear this product with great style and panache.  

Not a classic Vanilla, but it matters not. This scent doesn’t need the sweetness of typical vanilla fragrances. To my mind, that would ruin it all together.  

The sensual combination of Bulgarian roses mixed with ambergris and amber, as created here by CREED, is superbly well crafted. It also smells “expensive” and superbly refined as only a CREED can do. I think Vanisia has long been ignored, but in thinking back, I find that I have secretly loved this fragrance for many years. I’ve rediscovered this scent for the Fall season, a perfect match for this rich and warm scent.  

​Vanisia is by no means “mature” or “old fashioned” or any of the similar stereotypes that currently seem to be floating around the blogosphere. 

I find these labels to be misleading and ridiculous. Marian Bendeth, a global fragrance expert, once told me during a discussion of the way people misjudge fragrances, “Give me a young girl. Give me a quality vintage scent and I’ll make her smell unique. I hate the term “smells like my grandmother”. You wouldn’t say that if you were offered Louise Vuitton luggage, would you?” I agree. 

What CREED proves time and time again is that well-crafted fragrances seem to last forever. I have bottles that are at least 15 years old and smell exactly the same as the day I purchased them; in this day and age, a true feat when it comes to the art of perfumery. 

Sometime ago, I asked Adam Brecht, CREED’s Vice President of International Cosmetics & Perfumes, Inc., about his views on Vanisia and he told me that “Over the long term, this fragrance will be added to the vault under the CREED boutique at 38, Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie (or 38 Peter the First of Serbia Avenue in Paris), whereupon the CREED family and company will no longer send Vanisia to the United States. From time to time, edits must be made to the collection to make room for new creations.” 

I chose the image on the right- which includes a bottle of Creed Vanisia from items available from Harrods, as a perfect example of how stylish I find Vanisia.

Better grab it while you can though-just in case Vanisia is vaulted within the next few years into the depths of the House of CREED.

Vanisia is offered currently at www.creedboutique.com and at authorized dealers such as Neiman Marcus, Saks, Lucky Scent and Harrods