She Comes In Colors Everywhere; 
Perfumes To Fall Madly In Love With This Spring!

March 24, 2012

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I think that it was Robin Williams who said “Spring is Natures way of saying Let’s Party!”  These days I couldn’t agree more. It’s been unusually warm here in Cleveland, 86 degrees yesterday and it would seem that March has become the new May! Daffodil’s and forsythia are blooming everywhere, my crabapple trees are filled to bursting with creamy pink and white buds and every rose bush in my yard is filled with beautiful green leaves and the promise of many a bloom. It’s usually still snowing here this time of year so all fears about climate change aside I’ll take it!  Here in Ohio we’re definitely due for a break! It’s been sunny for well over half of the winter, a welcome change from the normal gray skies that usually settle over us Midwesterners for well over 5 long months of the year.

I’ve noticed though that this very warm weather has made me crave my favorite springtimescents earlier than usual. The smell of spring is everywhere and my senses are definitely and delightfully confused. My beloved lilies of the Valley are sending up green shoots everywhere causing me to grab my bottle of Annick Goutal’s Muguet eau de parfum and spray myself with abandon.  I’ve worn Muguet for several years now and I never tire of it, but usually it doesn’t smell right to me until May when my skin is warm and the air is heavy with springtime.  Muguet is definitely a fine lily of the valley perfume yet there’s a fruity twist lingering in it….something that has always seemed to me to be a splash of ripe pear or magnolia.  It’s playful, fairy kissed and more than a little delicious.  Speaking of which, my magnolia is in full bloom and it’s only March 20th. WOW…no wonder my senses are confused!
I’m also currently spraying lot of Pacifica’s lovely and very romantic French Lilac which is an absolute must if you’ve never tried it.  Don’t be fooled by the inexpensive price tag because it's really beautiful and it lasts! It’s quite a guilty pleasure for me and  generally you can find it at any Whole Foods store.  Because this delicious Lilac is so affordable I end up buying a couple of bottles and some of the candles and use it to scent everything from all of my linens to the dog. It’s really quite fabulous and is to me the scent of the wonderful old farmhouse that my husband grew up in and more recently our cotton hammock which is about to make an early appearance in our yard, strung up between the two lovely old apple trees. Did I mention that they’re about to start blooming as well? Everything is fecund; simply covered with bees and buds!

However If I were to choose a fragrance that is for me the very essence of springtime  it would have to be Diorissimo, that truly lovely fragrance by the House of Dior that hardly needs any introduction at all.  Diorissimo has been my signature scent since I was very young, one of the most famous of the lily of the valley perfumes and for me none of the others will ever compare. I’m never without a bottle of it; it is my Chanel Number 5, the classic that I turn to time after time when nothing else seems to work.  Diorissimo always feels just right and I always begin to wear it as soon as the first buds are just beginning to appear. This fragrance makes me feel light hearted, sexy and optimistic; I love it because I can spray it all over with abandon but still only leave a sheer and practically effervescent sillage in my wake!

By Beth Schreibman-Gehring
I have to laugh when I tell you that not so innocently I tried this perfume for the very first time at age 18 when I learned that it was Mick Jagger's  favorite.  Once I bought my first bottle I was smitten but sadly Mick never discovered that I was alive, despite my persistence in following the Rolling Stones around on tour for an entire summer.  The best news though is that my husband Jim totally adores it and so does my son, who announced to me one day that he would know if he’d found the right girl because she’d smell like his grandmas lilies of the valley, a scent from his childhood that was truly provocative for him and a passion that I understand as lilies of the valley are my very favorites of the springtime blooms.  I’ll never forget when he shyly told me that the lovely young girl that he’d fallen madly in love with at the tender age of 15 had come dancing up to him with the gift of a fresh sprig of those shimmering white flowers in her hand; he was completely smitten. 

Diorissimo is Coty's Muguet du Bois on steroids, a true Lily of the Valley fragrance and is the only one of it's kind to really capture the essence of that beautiful little flower that appears mysteriously for a few fleeting weeks come the merry month of May. It is innocent yet very sexy and the word “mod” comes to mind, yet at the same time it’s a true classic, a total paradox of a perfume. I can imagine wearing it with a jaunty cap, go - go boots and a sexy brightly hued mini dress in the late 60’s yet at the same time it can be is such a dressy fragrance.  I’ll wear it dancing at a black tie ball yet just as often with torn denim and linen. I love to wear it when I go out riding and it smells the best when mixed with the scents of fine bridle leather , a glorious throughbred and the springtime forest. If I had a grand daughter, I wouldn't hesitate to buy some for her, because Diorissimo is very innocent, wonderfully lady like and like a perfect strand of pearls , always just right. I doubt that there's anyone left in the world who hasn't tried it, but if you've never smelled this beauty this would definitely be the time. After all, it's spring and just the right time to fall head over heels in love again. If you don't believe me, just ask my husband……