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This seminal reference book about perfume and natural isolates is written for perfume-lovers, perfume instructors, and natural perfumers of every stage of learning and mastery.

Natural perfumers will acquire a complete understanding of natural isolates and their legitimacy as purified natural perfume materials.

Clear, practical ideas and experiments for incorporating these new notes into perfume, cosmetic and functional products are included.  Perfume-lovers will gain new “insider” knowledge of ingredients and techniques used in composing famous historic and contemporary perfumes.

Includes history, origin, safety and storage, how isolates are produced, and where they can be obtained.

Beautifully illustrated monographs of several isolates demonstrate their historical and current usage.

Natural perfumers and perfume aficionados alike will gain valuable and practical insights from the questions and answers section.

Includes glossary where needed, bibliography for further reference and additional reading, and extensive index.


Award-winning perfumer and international educator Shelley Waddington is a true underground force in fine fragrance and perfume education. She has been involved in aromatics for the past 15 years.  This is her second book.

Waddington holds a Master of Arts degree from Duquesne University, a diploma from the prestigious Galimard Perfumeur in Grasse Cedex, France, and a California Teaching Credential. She has delivered training on various perfume topics, including natural isolates.  She resides in Northern California.

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"Bravo for her new book Perfuming With Natural Isolates from my friend Shelley Waddington! She is the very talented perfumer at EnVoyage.  Perfumes, and I’m excited about her terrific new reference manual. Natural isolates fill a valuable place in the repertoires of natural perfumers, and her book will help you get started in a beautiful & creative way."   ~Mandy Aftel
A wonderful idea and useful contribution to our profession!!
~Michel Roudnitska
"If you have an interest in perfume and perfume making, Perfuming with Natural Isolates will stimulate your interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity. Carefully selected fragrance materials which are "must"s for a natural perfumer are included in this book, not only with their olfactory profiles, but also with odor strength, substantivity, usage level and source, along with many other useful tips. In some cases a small story accompanies the profile, and several are accompanied by simple demo formulas for the d.i.y. addicts.    -Vedat Ozan, Parfumeur/Olfactorialist

“This is an excellent read for perfumers at all levels wishing to learn more about isolate ingredients and their applications. For more novice readers fascinated by perfumery in general, Waddington's approach is both highly accessible and downright inspiring.” Marlen Elliot Harrison


Shelley Waddington, Perfumer and Owner of En Voyage Perfumes is a talented niche and indie perfumer who recently released her latest book titled “Perfuming With Natural Isolates”.  Michel Roudnitska, master perfumer from Grasse, recently stated that the book was “A wonderful idea and useful contribution to our profession”.

This resource book is perfect for budding perfumers as Waddington extensively covers Natural Isolates from Botanical Sources and there is a fascinating Q & A, which is very informative as well. This reference book is for the serious student delving into the art of perfumery and is a great addition to ones studies. Given the fact that “natural” perfumes have expanded greatly, this book comes at perfect timing.

One of the most interesting introductions, for me, was learning more about an ingredient called Linalool is found naturally in over 200 botanicals and is a universal application. Who knew that famous perfumes such as Arpège, Caron Bellodgia, Chanel No. 5, Jicky, Joy, My Sin, Eternity, Scandal and Shalimar, all had this one ingredient in common?  

This wonderful book is a must-have for any perfumer and student of natural perfumery and makes a valuable addition to one's perfume library.

-Raphaella Barkley

Perfuming With Natural Isolates: The Complete Reference Manual
March 25, 2012
A New Book From Perfumer Shelley Waddington

with a profile by Raphaella Barkley