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Juliet Perfume Review

by Melissa Groben

Somewhere, along the way to adolescence, “I lost my hearing”.  I’ve always found that expression to be a darkly humorous way to describe how I became very deaf.  That explanation always seemed as if, somewhere on the way from school to the playground,  my hearing dropped out of my bookbag along with the myriad of things that children lose during the course of the day. Yet, that simple explanation seemed to satisfy curious friends and strangers alike and allow me to continue on with whatever activity we were involved with.

Deafness was a bitter pill to swallow during my teens and twenties when I was emerging from childhood into adulthood.  It wasn’t until I was well into my thirties that I began to realize the gift my hearing loss had handed me:  the  visual beauty of silence, the ability to completely concentrate on whatever task I was working on, whether that was reading, or studying, or watching my children blossom before my eyes. And Smell..ahhhh, yes, the gift of being able to completely immerse myself in scent, to close my eyes and see a scent, to feel a scent, and yes, to even hear what I could imagine a scent might sound like. 

And so the beautiful irony of life came to me, that as my hearing deteriorated, my sense of smell became so intense, and filled my life with all of its beauty and power.  My search for a perfume had became a journey  to embark on,  always looking for The Perfect Scent, over and over, bottle after bottle, memory after memory swimming up to the surface of my mind as I completely gave myself over to each scent experience. Would this one be The Perfect Scent, this bottle full of sparkly aldehydes and florals that brought rays of clear light to my day? Or that one, the bottle filled with the warmth and darkness of ambers and woods, that let me see the dark shadows of the woods I had wandered through in childhood? 
Dr. Roy Ashikari, Dr. Andrew Ashikari & Dr. Pond Kelemen
It was a small package that arrived one morning, one of many that most of us who buy and swap perfumes are familiar with, the gift of kindness from a friend who we have never met but know deeply from our perfume exchanges.  A friend thought I might like to try something new, something that hadn’t even made itself known to the perfume world yet.  I put it aside, waiting for the right day, for the right mood that would tell me to pick up this new scent.  So it was that one morning when I was feeling  tense, out of sorts, I picked up the sample: Juliet by Juliet Stewart. I  spritzed some on. I inhaled. I closed my eyes. I inhaled again and felt the weight of whatever had bothered me that morning drop away. I felt enclosed, safe, embraced and warm with contentment,  my mind quieted as I moved into the scent.  This. This was it. For me, this was what I had been searching for: My Perfect Scent.

Juliet opens with a citrusy burst of herbs and bergamot, a crystalline opening that  eventually and expertly folds into comforting notes of vanilla, jasmine,  sandalwood and musk. The freshness of the herbal opening lasts for about an hour or two on me, reminding me of early morning strolls taken on clear rain-washed days. Middle notes of jasmine add a floral touch to the perfume, but so well blended that  the floral does not stand out or scream for attention. 

JULIET Eau De Parfum

There is this most clean and pleasurable surprise when you first nuzzle up to its opening accord of the finest, most classic Italian notes of Lemons from Amalfi, Basil, Bergamot and Sicilian Orange coupled with nuances of fresh Mediterranean Herbs that are rendered ultra-feminine with Italian Jasmine and Vanilla from Madagascar on a warm background of Amber Precious Woods from the Orient that makes you feel truly beautiful. This perfume contains no synthetic oils or artificial coloring. 

“Juliet” is inspirational, open, feminine, womanly, elegant, beautiful… and unforgettable.

This fragrance is inspired by the precious ingredients I have blended together and used for many years; it is a fil rouge, the thread that runs through my life: a true constant.  I use it to find myself whenever I am about to get lost, or when I do get lost, in all the things that fill a life. It is the perfume that helps to ground me and lifts me at the same time.

A Perfume with a Cause…Every woman is a work of art. Perfume is a work of art. The masterful blending of superior medical care and holistic healing of body, mind & Soul is also a work of art.

“Juliet” is a celebration of both beauty and wellness combined with luxurious notes. After “Juliet” getting much international attention, I wanted to utilize the attention towards a good cause, so I linked “Juliet” to the Ashikari Breast Center in NY; a compassionate, cutting edge Center for women.  I am hoping to create awareness for women that they DO have options when faced with breast cancer. – Today, the drastic and traditional way of treating breast cancer is NOT the only option.

The Ashikari Breast Center, an exceptional health resource – In the event of a mastectomy, a groundbreaking direct-to-implant reconstruction technique with no visual scarring allows women to leave looking the same way they walked in. During surgery a “one dose” radiation treatment is given that can avoid six weeks of daily radiation treatments post surgery. -I urge you to investigate the Ashikari Breast Center.

Ten percent of proceeds from “Juliet” are dedicated to these doctors who are so devoted to the health and well-being of women in a way that is truly exceptional -Medical Excellence with Compassion. As they go about their professional work, they are clearly compassionate and caring about what is going on in a woman’s heart. Their compassion is understated and unavoidable. “Juliet” is a small contribution in how I can create awareness and a new movement towards breast cancer care, but I wish to demonstrate how remarkable these doctors are.

They deserve our support. Be Your Own Work Of Art…

Find out more about the Doctors and the Ashikari Breast Center  or on Juliet Stewart's website.

Everyone Must Know a Place Like This Exists.
Please Share This Positive Message With Friends & Loved Ones

JULIET: Perfume For A Cause
September 10, 2011
Click image to go to Juliet website
My message is simple: Embrace your individuality. What is beautiful is what is unique in you… and what speaks uniquely through you.  Be Unforgettable…Own Your Beauty®
As my day becomes busier and more hectic with the demands of life,  Juliet’s  basenotes begin to roll in like the wavelets that lap gently on a lake shore, softly,  scenting my skin with the the promise of  close, snug moments of comfort. Just as the day ends, when I am ready to close the door on the outside world’s demands, when I feel like I have captured the right to end the day, Juliet is still there with me,  softly carrying me into the warmth of an evening spent thankful for the comfort of a scented life and peaceful quietness.

Notes for Juliet by Juliet Stewart are listed as:  Top notes are bergamote, amalfi  lemon, orange and basil; middle notes are jasmine and vanilla; base notes are ambers and woods.

Juliet Perfume