January 23, 2013
Pegasus Parfums de Marly
By Raphaella Barkley

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Debuting in America at Elements Showcase NY this weekend!

The press of Parfums de Marly states “In the Eighteenth Century, Louis XV’s court was called “the perfumed court”. The King requested a different scent for his apartment every day and streams of aromatic scents sprung from the castle fountains. France also led the world of perfume with Grasse and Paris and horses were the pride and glory of Versailles. The king's other passion was horses, and he decorated the grounds of Marly Castle Park with equine sculptures, works of art that can still be seen in Paris today. These two elements are celebrated in the scents of Parfums de Marly; each exceptional scent bears the name of a noble breed of horse. In 1743, in memory of his great-grandfather Louis XIV, the king decided to decorate the Marly Castle Park with the sculpted horses of Guillaume Coustou. This magnificent work of art, “Les Chevaux de Marly”, can be admired today on Champs-Elysee Avenue in Paris.

“Through its original concept, Parfums de Marly relive the fragrances from the splendor of the Eighteenth Century, when the greatest perfumes were created for King Louis XV in commemoration of the prestigious horse races, of which he was a fervent admirer”.  

When I came across Parfums de Marly in Milan at Esxence; The Scent of Excellence, I was first impressed with the bottles. Solid and heavy and a perfect fit for a man’s hand.  

Parfums de Marly Pegasus for men was created after the iconic 18th century horse race winner and is said that it “depicts the winning spirit of its namesake”. I was disappointed to find that this French Perfume House was not listed in Michael Edwards "Fragrances of the World" as I was curious to see what it was classified under, I was that fascinated. 

Pegasus is described a “heady fougère scent” that adds “a touch of Equestrian royalty to the distinct masculine flavor that is exclusive to Parfums De Marly fragrances”. The scent is made up of a stimulating blend of bergamot and almond with a base of vanilla, sandalwood and amber and this combination is so delicious. No musk is needed for this to come across as a masculine scent. It is 100 % male.​ The official notes are Top notes of Bergamot, Heliotrope, and Caraway with Heart notes of Lavender, Almond, Jasmine and the Basenotes are Ambergris, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

This is a classic masculine scent that is unforgettable. This is a fragrance that is so beguiling and rich that it makes you wonder…why is this not famous? I put this far up on the pedestal-up there with Dior Eau Sauvage or any Fredrick Malle creation, any classic or Creed for that matter. 

Parfum de Marly Pegasus is so masculine that many of today’s men's scents in department stores pale in comparison. It is handsome and alluring; one would almost follow any male wearing this. It’s positively addictive.

Think James Bond meets Olivier Martinez with Pierce Bronson and Ewan McGregor thrown in. This is pure masculine sex appeal with swagger thrown in just for good measure with all that class. I tested this on various men and they thay all raved about it, saying it was "long lasting" and "addictive". This scent is comfortable on the uber stylish, leather and jeans, as well as a formal tux, business suit or casual blazer.

There is something so traditional and unique about the niche scents of Europe that runs deep though the veins of perfumery. All of the niche and luxury scents I have seen at Esxence were of the utmost high quality, something, I am sad to say, that I do not always see in America. Parfums de Marly has never compromised the quality and all of the scents smell very expensive as well as understated. 

“Les Chevaux de Marly” Paris 

I am so happy that I was one of the first in America to report on this wonderful perfume house. (see here) And I am happy to report that they are coming to America this March with their line and a new scent for women titled Safanad, an orange blossom with vanilla that will debut at Elements Showcase NY this weekend. 

Pegasus is said to be “a powerful union of Oriental culture, tradition and elegance”. 

I agree and the sensational Pegasus by Parfums de Marley deserves to be given an American chance. You won’t be disappointed and I think the American market will support this stunning and classic French perfume house. 

Parfums de Marly

Special thanks to Julien Sprecher, President of Parfums de Marly.