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Well, no I don't; I will just try to like them.

At times I am perplexed by what I read written by bloggers when they critique the work of our industry. I have often thought of critiquing the critiques. Well, not really.  I just like the way it sounds and my devious alter ego would enjoy it. I do like a good debate! Although, it is hard to debate when one side of the argument is lacking in substance or knowledge.

Then, there are the commenters adding their penny’s worth of verbiage. I would say two cents’ worth… if in fact, it was! Now, I do appreciate freedom of speech. However, I’m rethinking this after reading comments that lead consumers down a false path of misinformation.

On one hand, I agree that there has been an absence of quality. I could write a chapter in a book to many of the reasons why. However, if I did, past employers may get nervous as would some of the giant manufacturers. Trust me. There are many niche brands that would not escape my honesty either.

Quality, defined as, “the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something; an improvement in product quality.” Wait!

Fragrance Bloggers...You Have to Love Them!
A Commentary by Raymond Matts
September 10, 2011
Here is the part I love and find enlightening and a source for a healthy debate:
“General excellence of standard or level; a masterpiece for connoisseurs of quality.”

Ah, a connoisseur, described, by Webster’s, as an expert judge of taste! I do believe I’ve found my source of contention. These are not the critiques of experts judging the criteria of fragrances based on the realization of specific criteria. One person’s distaste is another person’s infatuation or love.

Read, my friends, another defining characteristic of quality:
“A distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.”

Another chapter or two could be written on this subject; on the total lack of creative, distinctive fragrances that have the opportunity to be commercially viable at counters around the world. I’ve always said the world doesn’t need another new fragrance. We need more distinctive fragrances with real signature!

For those who are reading and are bloggers, please don’t misunderstand me. I think what you bring to this industry can be very good. I’m just exhausted with the number of critiques and pontifications that mislead the consumer. Personally, I think many need to learn how to smell correctly and to understand what they smell without looking at the wonderful fragrance pyramids, better known as quasi-contrived fragrance ingredient lists. God, I love one who smells by reading!

I hated when an editor of a magazine requested a fragrance pyramid. I often told them to go to Egypt, where they can see all the pyramids they want.

Please don’t describe our creations as merely a list of ingredients. BTW, here are all the ingredients: sugar, cornstarch, blueberries and flour that make your blueberry pie.

Write about emotion and make me dream what I smell!

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