Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille: Love At First Bite
February 22, 2012

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By Beth Schreibman Gehring
Senior Editor
I seem to be having a love affair with all things Tom Ford. First it was his luscious woodsy Violet Blonde, followed by the surrealistic Jasmin Rouge and then Neroli Portofino, the refreshing fragrance that was to be my muse for quite a while. But three weeks ago I shamelessly fooled around and fell madly and hopelessly in love with Tobacco Vanille.  Trust me when I say that I’ve fallen hard, a bit like the time that I first laid eyes on my husband in a dark swirling dance club at about 6 minutes to midnight.  The effect was very similar because I had to have him and I pursued him both recklessly and relentlessly until he finally gave in. Indeed Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille manages to be decadent, hedonistic and completely heartfelt at the very same time, a bit like my husband who is a terrifically delicious sort of bad boy in possession of a heart made of diamonds and a soul completely full o fmysteries and intrigue.

I discovered Tobacco Vanille one day when I was cruising through Saks Fifth Avenue on a mission for a good friend to narrow down several choices of cologne for her equally adorable husband as a Valentines Day gift.  I hadn’t intended to fall in love with yet another perfume that day, indeed I’ve recently discovered that I’m in serious need of some sort of lovely antique cupboard to house all of the wonderful bottles that I own. After I narrowed it down for my pal to a couple of yummy Creeds that I knew would suit him, I took a stroll over to the gorgeous Tom Ford display that many of the sales associates were fawning over. Tom Ford’s displays are gorgeous and nothing about hiPrivate Blend Collection ever disappoints me on an aesthetic level. The bottles are beautiful, chocolate brown glass apothecary bottles just like you’d see at an old-fashioned perfumery, but made just a little edgier. The gold and black labels are cleanly designed and easy to read and the names are perfect, because there’s nothing misleading…they’ll tell you exactly what you’ll find in the bottle. As I was simply enjoying the ambience that day I noticed a name that I’d never seen before and I was drawn like a moth to a flame…. I opened the bottle and was quite simply blown away. 

Tobacco Vanille is described as a modern take on a man's club and I must agree with that but take it just a little bit further. It’s the private club in the back of the Velvet Tango Room with the mahogany fireplace and the one-way mirrored door.  It’s Club Macanudo on a wintry New York City afternoon when you just need a break from the city bustle. It fairly reeks of Ernest Hemingway, Parisian salons and ripped off lingerie.

Upon my first acquaintance with Tobacco Vanille, I immediately thought of the end of that incredible striptease scene from 9 and 1/2 weeks when Kim Bassinger is completely naked and wrapped in Mickey Rourkes fully clad arms.  All of that cocoa, tonka bean, dried fruit, wood sap and vanilla play together elegantly in a way that's absolutely edible and cleaves to my skin like one of the oversized well worn cotton shirts of Jim’s that I love to wear to bed. However I can’t seem to ever fall asleep when I'm wearing it and it's definitely the perfume that’s kept me warm all over now for weeks like none other .

Indeed Tobacco Vanille is the perfume that I’ve been waiting for all of my grown up life. Both men and women love it and I think that it’s because of the mixture of emotions that it provokes. It’s as earthy as a walk in the autumn woods, as sensual as suede and very grounding, but make no mistake, this is one of the erotic perfumes that I’ve ever worn and vanilla is well known to be a very powerful aphrodisiac.  I’ve had men and women wrap their arms around me, bury their noses into my hair, linger a bit too long with their lips on my cheek and beg to know what I was wearing.  Tobacco Vanille gives of itself with reckless passion and absolute abandon; indeed I will never be able to live very well without knowing that I’m possession of a full bottle of it and at least 20 of the candles. I know that you’ll love it too. Just be careful and remember that you’ve been warned. Loss of all self-control is only the first part of it’s magic.  After that comes bewitchment and last but definitely not least…Obsession.       

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille can be purchased online through Neiman Marcus.

$195 / 50ml    $475 / 250ml

Special Thanks to:

Permele Doyle
Tom Ford Beauty