Caron L'Accord 119
February 22, 2012

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By Mark David Boberick
Managing Editor
Paris. 1904. Ernest Daltroff opens a perfumery on the Rue de la Paix. This perfumery, named CARON, will eventually become one of the most successful and exclusive French fragrance brands, renowned for innovative and extraordinary compositions. Among them, the iconic Tabac Blond, launched at the prologue of The Roaring 20s, and a provocative symbol of feminist liberation.

For a 108-year-old fragrance house to maintain its place at the forefront, it occasionally may realize the need to give in to trends that eventually stop being just trendy.

The trend in question? Fruity-Florals, which is a genre that tends to get an undesirable reputation amongst fragrance connoisseurs – and indeed, the fragrance counters are most certainly overflowing with less-than-stellar additions to the category. But this genre, however desirable it may or may not be, is certainly here to stay and continues to be one of the largest and fastest-growing genres in the entire fragrance industry. No longer just a fad, it eventually becomes necessary for every reputable house to try their hand in producing a fruity-floral scent of distinction. Enter L’Accord 119.
Created by Caron’s in-house Perfumer Richard Fraysse, L’Accord 119 was launched in the latter part of 2011 into their exclusive fountain collection. The House of Caron’s signature showcase is its original perfume extracts flowing from Baccarat crystal fountains.  The bronzed crystal fountains house the beautiful Caron scents which sparkle inside its three boutiques, two in Paris and one in New York. 

L’Accord 119 is a fragrance that celebrates the beautiful, multi-faceted blackcurrant, a surprisingly precious raw material with an unusual, earthy and deep fruity aroma. Blackcurrant is most often recognized as being a key ingredient in Kir Royal, the famed French champagne cocktail. L’Accord 119 opens with a duel of blackcurrant bud and Egyptian jasmine that intertwine with heart notes of patchouli, blackberry and black pepper. Base notes of vanilla, heliotrope, musk, and amber make L’Accord 119 a bold yet deliciously sweet composition.  The fragrance seems to envelop the wearer in billowing folds of crimson and aubergine velvet. Redolent of freshly picked red berries with a rich, oriental woody base, the juice is sure to surprise and inspire perfume lovers around the world.

Caron took their time in coming to the table with a fruity-floral fragrance, and the result is a fantastic fragrance that satisfies on a multitude of levels. Its limited distribution in the fountain collection ensures that you probably won’t smell this fragrance on anyone else, which is, in a way, ironic for the genre.

Since my first contact with the extract at this past January’s Elements Showcase in New York City, I haven’t gone more than 24 hours without an occasional dab from my bottle. L’Accord 119 is, in a word, glorious.


L'Accord 119 is currently available for purchase in the United States online at Luckyscent or in person at Bergdorf Goodman and the New York City Caron boutique.

Parfum: 1/4 oz | $165

Eau de Parfum:  50ml | $165    100ml | $240