October 1, 2011

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Here are just a few of some of the new fall releases...
Black Jade by Lubin

In the house of Lubin, the once lost but now resuscitated fragrance for a long time bore the name of “jardin secret”, until the 1930s, without any explicit reference ever being made to its origin. Lubin has now restored its name of the time, “black jade”, the one brought to us by a close friend to whom the queen gave the black flask with its nostalgic whiffs when they parted for the last time. It held the “secret garden” of a queen, the memory of her happy days, of spring evenings in the intimacy of the Petit Trianon, at Versailles, but far from the pomp of the court.

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Parfums de Nicolaï - L'Eau Chic Eau de Toilette

With its blend of geranium, mint and lavender, L'Eau Chic is a little gesture of elegance: an easy-to-wear fragrance, identifiable, and long lasting. The essence of geranium is the heart and soul of this composition. A delicate touch is added to the Bourbon geranium with essences of crisp and peppered mint blended with lavender. Sandalwood, chamomile and iris round this fragrance off with a slightly tangy tone coming from the cloves and spices. A cocktail of white musk reinforces the tone and allows it to last, and last, and last… throughout the entire summer.

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Persephenie Perfume

Persephenie is a Los Angeles based Certified Aromatherapist and Perfumer. A born artist and painter, Persephenie opened the studio as a place to create art. As she continued to practice the craft of perfumery, her space evolved into a masterful orchestration of raw materials, hand-made personal care products and sundries, and collectible treasures found around the globe. I have tried a few of the scenst and they are all  gorgeous, look for reviews soon.

Bedouin Perfume

Botanical Perfume. A tale of Persian nomadic women, distinctly feminine, illuminated by color, movement, and the scent of rose. Notes: Top: Soft notes of Cardamon and Orange
Heart: Rose bouquet, Base: Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, and Ambrette

Hybrid Perfume. Experience the magic of the night blooming trumpet. Datura captures her euphoric beauty with tender notes of Egyptian jasmine and lily, cradled in caramel and musk. 
Notes: Top: Gentle Spices, Heart: Datura, Rose Absolute, Lily, Dawn Blooming Jasmine
Base: South Pacific Sandalwood, Caramel, Musk

Hybrid Perfume. Innocent and fresh with edgy depth. A charming gourmand ginger amber. Notes: Top: Fresh Ginger, Citrus, Linden Blossom, Heart: Mimosa, Base: Amber, Coconut Absolute, Orris Root

Hybrid Perfume. A sultry adventurous scent that captures nostalgia in tobacco, wood, and spices. Notes: Top: Sweet Basil, Clove, Wine, Heart: Tuberose and Juhi, Base: Tobacco, Leather, Wood

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D.S. & Durga with Joya - Staghorn Sumac Eau de Parfum

A Limited Edition Collaboration D.S. & Durga with Joya! Only 100 have been made. Windswept grasslands of the Great Plains. The inner air of a Dakota teepee. Accords of bison grass, wild lily & staghorn sumac sheathed in prairie earth & air.

The fragrance, with notes of bison grass, wild lily and musk, is meant to shed light on America’s rich botanical history, while evoking French apothecary scents of the past. JOYA FvsS: Parfums designer Sarah Cihat called the collaborative process “very involved,” with each member of the four person team—Cihat, Frederick Bouchardy, Kavi and David Seth Moltz—weighing in on each aspect of the item: fragrance profile, bottle and cap design, outer packaging and graphic design.

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Parfum D'Empire - Azemour Eau de Parfum

"From time immemorial and in every culture, perfume has been about seduction and spirituality. With Parfum d’Empire, I wanted to bring it back its original meaning, its erotic and sacred origins. Amorous conquest, spiritual conquest, self-conquest: perfume is a conquest, perfume is an exploration. To give a contemporary expression to this tradition, I draw on the noblest of raw materials, but also on my emotions and on my intuition, because nothing is more universal than what is most intimate.  The breath of the gods and the emotion of the flesh… My scents are an invitation to explore the most complex and mysterious of empires: the realm of the senses.  If all my scents are a part of myself, this one is particularly dear to me."— Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

The golden light of the Moroccan Atlantic coast suffuses the top notes of AZEMOUR, a blend of sparking citruses dominated by the zest and flesh of orange, set in clementine, tangerine, grapefruit and citrus. Coriander, cumin, black pepper and pink pepper add their vibrancy to this burst of flavours; blackcurrant and galbanum set it in a dark green nest of leaves. Then AZEMOUR speaks its heart with the freshness of neroli, intensified by geranium, fleshed out by suave, honeyed orange blossom absolute and delicately spicy old-fashioned rose.

Hay, moss and henna extracts conjure dry grass exhaling the day’s heat in the orange grove. Wood notes trace the undulating silhouettes of cypresses in the Atlantic wind. A tinge of saltiness evokes dunes swept with ocean spray…

AMEMOUR, a landscape perfume, as generous and sunny as the country that inspired it.

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