Universal Love Scented Meditation
December 1, 2011

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By Nicola Pozzani
Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles

Blending years of yoga and meditation practice with my passion for perfume, I have recently started guiding scented meditations, where people explore how to heal themselves through breath awareness and the use of essential oils.

Since the beginning of time oils and plants have been burned for spiritual and healing purposes, as an offering to a higher power, to a specific cause or to someone in particular. However, with the civilization process, the use of scents for cleanliness and the birth of perfumery have overcome the spiritual use of scents. But we’re still on time to claim a spiritual experience of scents back!

Christmas, which most people consider as a particular time of the year to share love with others, can be the perfect excuse to use essential oils to open our heart and expand our love.

It is believed in India that the body comes with different chakras, or energy centres which, to put it simple, hold different types of life force. There is a heart one and of course it is the one of love. But it is also very important because it is the one at the centre amongst the 7 chakras, balancing the energy that goes through our physical body.

Some oils are believed to benefit the heart chakra, helping the energy expand and resonates with the space around us. Bergamot holds the Mediterranean sun sparkle in its peel and its light smells of joy, which it helps generate and radiate. The warming energy of jasmine reassures the heart. As an invitation to beauty, it softens the edges between masculine and feminine and in fact it is a sensual enhancer too, as it benefits the lower chakras as well. Probably the flower most people associate with love is rose, and it is in fact connected to this chakra. Symbol of both seduction and Divine love, rose always reaches the hearts.

Take your time to create the healing experience: look for these oils, choose the one(s) you prefer, find a quiet room and, for how long as you like, build your own shrine. Burn the oils using a burner, or simply put a few drops on some cotton pad, one at a time. Experience the energy of these oils and how your body responds to them. Visualise their energy entering your body and finding room in your heart. Explore the qualities they bring. When you are ready, think of a person, a place, or a cause, and send the healing energy you are feeling to them. Why not, hold a group Universal Love Scented Meditation?!

If you personally don’t like the above mentioned scents or there are other scents or perfume compositions that you associate with love, you can repeat the same type of experience using them instead. Perfume is very personal everyone can find their own favourite and use its energy to meditate and spread their love out. Enjoy!

NICOLA POZZANI | Contributor

Nicola Pozzani, Synesthetic Provocateur, is the founder of S Sense, The Senses of Perfume, sensory perfume training in London. He has studied Perfume Science with Jean-Claude Ellena and worked both for the perfume industry and as a teacher.