HOME FRAGRANCE: Amazing Holiday Candles - The Perfect Gift!
By Mark David Boberick
December 1, 2011

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HOLIDAY by Nest Fragrances

Laura Slatkin, founder of NEST Fragrances, created the definitive Holiday fragrance both in name and in scent. Fresh, pulpy mandarin with a bit of spice, poured over a mix of balsams and rounded out with a smooth, and warm woody base - this is the way that the Holiday season should smell. It's not that you couldn't burn this candle year-round - you'll certainly be tempted to. But reserving this amazing scent for a few weeks every year makes the Holiday season burn even brighter.

PERFECT FOR: Everyone. It seems impossible to me that there might be someone out there who would not love the smell of Holiday. It's just that goood! I'll be burning mine on Christmas Eve with a house full of people.

POWER: One of the many signatures of a NEST Candle is their stunning power. This candle is no exception. Your entire home will be overtaken by Holiday cheer after just 2 hours of burning.

PRICE: $32 / 8.1 oz.  Available from CANDLES OFF MAIN

Nest Fragrances

NEROLI PINE by Belle Fleur

The thing that I love the most about Belle Fleur's candles is that they are just so darn elegant. From the packaging - the amazing box and the understated brown glass jar to the fragrance, rich and refined. Neroli Pine is certainly no exception to that philosophy. It is an invigorating mix of balsams with a trace of effervescent citrus - refined and luxurious.

PERFECT FOR: A Holiday brunch. This is a candle that I would have no qualms about lighting as soon as I woke up in the morning. It makes you want to throw open the window to be greeted by a cool burst of winter air coming down from the coniferous-covered mountain.

POWER: Neroli Pine leaves a highly-detectable but not overwhelming scent throughout my home.

PRICE: $48 / 7.5 oz.  Available from BELLE FLEUR

Read an Interview with the Creative Team behind Belle Fleur from our Debut Issue
CANDLE by Fornasetti Profumi

When the Luxury Italian design house of Fornasetti decided to branch out into home fragrance, they turned to the incredible perfumer Olivier Polge to design their signature scent, Otto. The fragrance is a smooth woody blend of resins and incense with a touch of fresh herbs. Housed in a ceramic lidded-jar featuring one of several signature Fornasetti designs, you not only get a stunning home fragrance, but long after the candle has burnt away, you will be able to enjoy a piece of highly coveted Fornasetti in your home.

PERFECT FOR: Your design-conscious friends who will appreciate both features of this exceptional candle - the fragrance as well as the swoon-worth container that it is housed in.

POWER: Exceptional.

PRICE: $160 / 10.5 oz.  Available from AEDES DE VENUSTAS

Fornasetti Profumi Website

Is there a better time to fill your home with beautiful aromas and ambiance than the Holiday season? In my house, a candle burns whenever I am home, all year round. But when the Holidays come, I tend to turn up the volume a bit more. The temperatures outside are dropping, the windows begin to frost and all I want to do is be surrounded by flickering light and amazing fragrance.

Candles make exceptional gifts for the Holidays. They are gifts that satisfies the senses as well as address the personal environment of their recipient.

These 6 candles are sure to make the right statement - either for your home or for that special person on your gift list, this year!

NAVIDAD by Ormonde Jayne

London-based Perfumer Linda Pilkington may be best-known for her line of 12 exeptional fragrances, but before the perfume - there was the candle. "When asked to create "the perfect scented candle" for one of the world's leading luxury houses, Linda rose to the challenge. It wasn't long before inspired vision thrust Ormonde Jayne into the limelight. Spurred on by her own and her clients' exacting standards, Ormonde Jayne's breathtaking perfume range was born." For the Holidays, Ormonde Jayne offers up a truly spectacular limited edition candle, Navidad, featuring warm notes of Clementine, Cardamom, Amber and Tonka. Refined and luxurious - this is a warm, soft cashmere blanket for your entire home.

PERFECT FOR: Cold winter evenings, though this fine blend of aromas can truly be enjoyed throughout the year - but stock up now as it is only available during the holiday season!

POWER: If the votive can scent my entire home, I can only imagine what the full-sized candle can do. Spectacular.

PRICE: $97 / 10.2 oz.  Available from ORMONDE JAYNE

03 CENTURY by Odin

From the eponymous men's store in SOHO comes a line of personal and home fragrances that marries the complex fragrance structures of the past with the clarity and modernity of today. 03 Century captivates the senses with the vibrancy of a fresh winter forest of silver birch and Cypress with forest mint. Liquid myrrh combines with black musk to create a warm, mysterious alchemy.

PERFECT FOR: At once crisp and smooth, 03 Century is a Modern Holiday fragrance that is as equally suited for suburbanites as it is for city-dwellers.

POWER: Not over-powering, but diffuses nicely throughout the room.

PRICE: $65 / 8 oz.  Available from BARNEYS

by Nest Fragrances

Sir Elton John's Holiday is the 2011 edition of a long-standing seasonal collaboration between Sir Elton John and NEST founder Laura Slatkin. The candle is a festive blend of evergreen and balsam fir needles overlapped by a sparkling citrus accord. There is so much to love about this candle - from the exceptional NEST-quality to the absurdly fabulous packaging featuring a royal crest-themed design by internationally renowned calligrapher Bernard Maisner. But perhaps the thing that I love the most is that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this candle will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, one of the world's leading nonprofit HIV/AIDS organizations.

PERFECT FOR: Gift-giving. The packaging, the fragrance, the price - this is a win-win situation, for sure!

POWER: The aroma of conifers are very persistent and lasting - you don't need to burn this candle for very long before you realize your entire home smells as crisp and fresh as Mt. Rainier.

PRICE: $38 / 8.1 oz.  Available from CANDLES OFF MAIN

Nest Fragrances


The key to a successful burning candle is not left entirely to the product itself, but to the person burning it. Dr. Dorothy McCall of Kingsbury Fragrances in Pittsburgh offers these great tips on burning candles. "Make sure all wicks are trimmed to 1/4" before lighting to ensure the candle burns at an even rate. Do not blow out the candle until the wax pool covers the entire surface of the candle. This can often take from anywhere between 2 to 8 hours, in some cases. If a candle is prematurely extinguished, it may burn down the middle leaving a ring of wax on the glass and will never burn properly in the future. The first burning of a candle is the most important, if you do not have several hours to stand-by waiting for the entire surface to pool, do not light the candle until you have ample waiting time."