November 1, 2011

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By MARIKA VECCHIATTINI; Italian Correspondent
Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles
This new perfume brand from Italy focuses on a central element for all mankind: blood.

A subject suffused with a mysterious and fascinating imagery, perfectly pairing life and death, science and legends.

Blood is one of the most studied elements of the human body, and extensive researches revealed that it’s been constantly evolving during the millennia, to stay consistent with manhood evolution. Changes in geographic locations, lifestyle and -above all- food, are all recorded in every single drop of our blood. Even today.

The primeval 0 group used to identify a nomad hunter and root-collector, living in small family clans constantly moving to follow the prey. The blood group A developed when the first growing techniques ensured a constant supply of vegetable food, enriching the diet and offering a good alternative to the nomadic life. Family clans settled down occupying their specific areas and started acquiring new rules, habits and technologies.

Then, family clans expanded into real tribes, and these started to meet one another with the aim of trading food. Member exchanges among tribes were encouraged, since they were a means to spread wealth and know how. Marriages were often decided, too in order to join tribes or to acquire more power, food, or technologies. From these exchanges, blood groups 0 and A got mixed, resulting in blood group B.

In more modern, industrial times a new blood type, called “AB” appeared. The four scents in the BLOOD CONCEPT line (named “O”, “A”, “B”, “AB”) are crafted around the central idea of illustrating our blood's evolution, and I found this intellectually quite challenging (I liked that…). They’re characterized by earthy, mineral and metallic notes with no use at all of flowers, a choice I found hazardous but, in the end, interesting and well carried on.

BLOOD CONCEPT scents show an extremely modern, I’d even say essential touch: I believe they've been created with few notes, their aim is to sketch a situation or a lifestyle, rather than making you feel gorgeous for a night out. And in fact they're quite impressive because, without being excessive, make no compromise to wearability or sexiness.

Yes, they’re actually wearable both on male and female skin, but the feeling they convey is not “easy” or comfortable: au contraire it may be a weird sensation, or shady, or crispy and metal-cold, so you need to approach them slowly one after the other –possibly in different days- to fully appreciate the story they tell and see if there's one made for you.

“0” smells of earth, roots, stones (birch, cedarwood, leather, thyme, raspberry)

“A” smells of green grass and herbs (tomato leaf, basil, badiane)

“B” smells of woods and foods (apple, morello cherry, pomegranate, artemisia, black pepper, black tea, patchouli)

“AB” smells of steel machinery, aluminium, water (aldehydes, cedarwood).

When I tested them, I found mine is “0”. That is, exactly my blood group. I was amazed, so I asked the young men behind BLOOD CONCEPT if that was just a case or if it happens on regular basis, which people choose one of the scents according with their blood group, and they said “It’s strange, because it happens quite often.

We don’t know if there are any correlations, but… isn’t it fun?”

The BLOOD CONCEPT idea was born out of the vision and creativity of Antonio Zuddas (photographer and copywriter) and Giovanni Castelli (designer and artistic director); fragrance creation has been achieved by the collaboration with APF France, chosen for its modern and unconventional approach to scent creation, which fitted perfectly their need for a contemporary aura.


available at Lucky Scent

MARIKA VECCHIATTINI; Italian Correspondent