ARQUISTE - New Fragrance Releases
October 1, 2011
Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles
A new fragrance line has just launched by Carlos Huber.

"Meticulously researched using authentic sources and crafted with only the rarest of ingredients, each fragrance restores the olfactive experience of a particular time and place, allowing both women and men to unlock personal revelations and experience history in a most intimate way.  A scent is a time capsule. It can invoke our most intimate memories and dreams, and open doors to distant worlds. Curated by an architect specializing in Historic Preservation, Arquiste is a fragrance collection that transports the wearer to evocative moments in history.

Drawn to the magical skyline of his hometown of Mexico City — a mix of Aztec, Spanish Colonial, Beaux Arts and Modern structures, Carlos Huber first pursued the study of architecture at prestigious universities there and in Paris. A move to Spain awakened his love for the aromatic environments of the Mediterranean, and strengthened his interest in architectural history. This led him to New York City, where he graduated with honors in Historic Preservation at Columbia University.

citrus chypre
October, 1175, Calabria, Italy
In Medieval Calabria, a family gathers to celebrate a good harvest. Within a cabin built of Palm leaves and other woody branches, an aromatic bounty is presented. The citrusy scent of the Etrog citron, a regional specialty, brightens the air while embracing Myrtle and lush Date Fruit envelope the sweet warmth of the Mediterranean night.
Notes include: Calabrese Cedrat, Myrtle, Date Fruit and Vetivert

flor y canto
opulent white floral
August, 1400, Tenochtitlan, Mexico
On the most fragrant festival in the Aztec calendar, the rhythm of drums palpitates as a wealth of flowers is offered on temple altars. Billowing clouds of Copal act as a backdrop to the intoxicating breath of Tuberose, Magnolia, Plumeria and the intensely yellow aroma of the sacred Marigold, cempoalxochitl.
Notes include: Mexican Tuberose, Magnolia, Plumeria and Marigold

Fleur de Louis
woody floral
June 1660, Isle of Pheasants, Basque region,on the French-Spanish border
To ensure peace between them, two Royal Courts converge at a richly-appointed pavilion built of freshly cut Pine and Cedar wood. From the French side, in a golden aura of Iris, Rose and Jasmine, emerges a young Louis XIV, all starched and composed, eager to catch a glimpse of his new bride, the Infanta Maria Teresa.
Notes include: Orange Blossom, Florentine Orris, Jasmine, and White Cedar wood

His experience in the world of luxury retail, creating meticulously detailed interiors for Polo Ralph Lauren, provided a unique opportunity to design commercial spaces with historical references. A more in-depth exploration of the past came with his involvement in the experimental projects of architect and Columbia professor Jorge Otero-Pailos, working on art installations that analyze the role of non-visual cues in the interpretation of historic sites.

Turning to his longtime love of perfumery, Huber studied fragrance development and collaborated with internationally-recognized noses in order to recapture the olfactive notes of historical moments. His beautiful and complex creations honor history and embrace modernity. As he says, “They transport us to another place in time”.

Infanta en flor
floral musky amber
June 1660, Isle of Pheasants, Basque region,on the Spanish-French border.  Maria Teresa, the Infanta of Spain, is offered to Louis XIV in exchange for peace between the two nations. Innocently perfumed with Orange flower water, her powdery complexion blushes as the gallant King lays his eyes on her for the first time. She opens her scented fan and steals a look back.

Notes include: Orange Flower Water, Spanish Leather, Cistus resin and Immortelle

baroque gourmand
November, 1695, Mexico City.  The scent of exotic spices floats throughout the halls of the Royal Convent of Jesus Maria, where a group of nuns prepares a Baroque recipe of Cocoa infused with an assortment of chilies. After centuries of obscurity, the convent’s secrets are exposed in a rich experience for the senses Notes include: Cocoa Absolute, Mexican Vanilla, Cinnamon, Chili infusion

Available at all Barney’s New York stores

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