Nobile 1942: La danza delle Libellule
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By Marika Vecchiattini

Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles
Nobile 1942 is a Ligurian-based niche brand, producing its own perfumes branded “Nobile 1942”  and distributing in Italian stores scented marvels from other Countries (such Odin, Frapin, Ineke etc).

Massimo and Stefania Nobile, the couple owning Nobile 1942, chose Esxence exhibition, in Milan, to launch the new scent from their “Nobile1942” line: “La Danza delle Libellule/A Dance of Dragonflies”.

Fragrances by Nobile 1942 are characterized by an Italian taste for refinement, for airy, sunny bouquets referencing often to Italian Opera, its places and star singers, such as “Casta Diva”, “Anonimo Veneziano”, “Vespri Esperidati”, so the question comes out  quite natural:

“Stefania, what is the new perfume about? Who's singing this time?”

“La Danza delle Libellule" was inspired by the famous Operetta bearing the same name, composed by Franz Léhar, in early 1900.

The Operetta setting and plot are reminiscent of fairy-tales: "majestic manors, lush gardens, where romantic encounters are staged in a playful, spirited mood; the scent itself shares the same frivolous, light mood”.

La Danza delle Libellule, features a delicate, floral aura gently enveloping a triumphant fruit bouquet: bergamot, orange, apple and red berries. Other gourmand notes such as cocoa and vanilla are present too; vanilla to balance the acidulate notes of the fruits, and cocoa to add jouyfulness, an almost child-like naivete wafting in the air. Despite all these gourmand notes, the scent isn't overly sweet or cloying: cinnamon, cedarwood and a good musky base act as directors, leading the composition out of any sugar overdose.

The effect is by no means intellectualistic or challenging, au contraire, is fresh, sunny, joyful and somehow, even optimistic.

“This is a quite difficult moment for anyone worldwide, at all levels” says Stefania,
“I feel we're too serious about ourselves, our lives are packed with compelling tasks, constantly worried about finance... How stressing! I wanted a scent to allow us a moment of peace, of serenity. You spray, smile and say: ok, the next half an hour is only for me”.

Who partnered the creation?
“We chose the Grasse-based firm Robertet; we'd already worked with them, we appreciate both their raw materials, and the way they work with them. When they finally came in with the last essai of the scent, it simply made me smile: that was exactly the feeling I had in mind!”

NOBILE 1942 website

Marika Vecchiattini; Italian Correspondent

April 22, 2012