A Taste of Esxence;
Parfums Nicolas Danila Paris
April 23, 2012
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By Raphaella Barkley

Co-Founder, creator and artist of A Dozen Roses, Sandy Cataldo, signing bottles

We asked some of our new friends at Esxence-The Scent of Excellence how they fared at the recent sold out event in Milan, Italy. Join us for a quick peek inside Esxence and some of the perfume companies that were represented in Milan Italy. We spoke with Nicolas Danila of Parfums Nicolas Danila Paris.

Tell us about your fragrances –what makes you an artistic niche or luxury brand? 

The Perfumes Nicolas Danila is an artistic AND a luxury brand. An heiress of the Traditional French Perfumery we are, at the same time, a pioneer brand, so a synthesis of tradition and future. It is one of the more innovative world perfumery brand built at the interface of three fields: (1) nature and tradition, (2) science and technology and (3) art and creativity. I think that tradition without science has no future.  All the seven others arts (literature, painting, sculpture, music, drawing, dance and movies) are used to create dream-like perfumes.

We believe that is possible to create Fragranceuticals®, (“intelligent” perfumes, by integrating nature, science and different forms of arts). They are perfumes with a high level of natural ingredients, with no allergen to be declared, and based on ecological and sustainable development.  The true innovation of these perfumes lies in the fragrance itself, in the packaging and in the unique strategy approach.

Seven different collections were imagined. Two have already been realized. The first is linked to a happy moment and is called “Honeymoon in Paradise”.  The second type, called “Les Jardins d’Aladin” is linked to “Thousand and One nights” tales.

Like in a real tale, the worthiest and the most exclusive ingredients were sublimated, by the genius, a relative of Danila, in seven elixirs illustrating the seven major civilizations. The bottles are sculptured, signed and numbered, the boxes are influences by the painting "The Dream” of Douanier Rousseau.

The first edition is only 7,000 bottles all over the world. With a registered patent in Europe and patents pending in the States and in Japan, Nicolas Danila is the first company able to create Fragranceuticals®.  But the most important thing is that Danila perfumes are very long lasting and dreamy.

What has the experience at the Esxence event in Milan meant to you and your company?

The Esxence event in Milan is the place to be and the opportunity to meet the people working in this sector.

If this was your first visit to Esxence, was it successful and did you attract the type of clients you had hoped for?

Yes, it was my first visit to Esxence, I met Silvio Levy in Dusseldorf  before the salon was launched. He really did a great job.  In fact we attracted a lot of competitors to see our perfumes, some artists who proposed to work for us, journalists and some distributors. We are very selective for the distribution, because our strategy is to build a luxury brand.

The most famous bottle designer Pierre Dinard, designed your perfumes bottles, which are stunning. How was it working with a master and what does it mean to you?

I was lucky enough to meet Pierre Dinand in 2003 to propose to him to make an innovative bottle and he made a beautiful sculpture linked to our history brand. He was so proud of this creation that he accepted to sign the bottles. For me, Pierre is certainly the best bottle designer in the world and a great artist. And now I am even luckier to be able to say he is one of my friends. Pierre is a “Seigneur” as we say in French. It is a pleasure to work with him because he is open to innovation. We were the first to put the name on the side of the bottle for two reasons: my other major innovations were not always signed and we put the two names DANILA and ALADIN at the same level, on the top of the bottle, to focus on the link between them.

I personally found it very exciting to see so many highly artistic niche perfumery brands that have emerged out of Europe and the global market.  How does it feel to be a part of this venture?

You are right. There are plenty of new brand and is a good for the perfumery industry. But only the very innovative ones will survive in this very crowded sector.

I also found the attendees to be very passionate about fragrance at the event. Was it everything you expected it to be?

Yes, you are right again. Myself, I met very passionate attendees too, from very young and enthusiast students to an elderely retired journalist lady with a business card print by herself. But, in the future, I would hope for more luxury distributors.

What were your favorite parts of the four-day event?

The cocktail party was a nice moment and I enjoyed really very much.

Where are your products sold for our European readers and any hopes of being able to purchasing them in America? 

We try to find a distribution able to apply our innovative strategy. Three types of points of sales are used to be chosen for our products. First high end luxury fragrance boutiques, second the luxury hotels and third, art gallery able to present our fragrances as an art object.

For instance, in Paris, our products could be collecting at the boutique of the Ritz Hotel, Place Vendôme and at the Left Bank Art Gallery “Le Babel” 15 rue Guénégaud Paris 6.  We are looking forward to having the same type of distribution in New York. And, of course, it is possible to purchase on our web site on “collect” because we think our products are a special investment not a banal purchase.

Parums Nicolas Danila Paris

Coming soon, profiles and interview

Nicolas Danila with Pierre Dinard
Image courtesy of Mark David Boberick
Nicolas Danila with Pierre Dinard at Esxence